Classic car show, I saw Alfa Romeo, as well as a rare car –

Classic car show, I saw Alfa? Romeo, there is a rare car – this is a Sohu to ask the original share articles, from the writer Li Jinhui. Coincides with the Mid Autumn Festival, the Olympic Park in Beijing held the third session of the China vintage car exhibition. In the show, still see some rare car, and the car brand in the automotive industry status, some important, others and some have become The sun sinks in the west., historical memory, submerged in the history of the waves. Here, select three representative cars, and share. [Maurice] about the British civilian car, we first thought is Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, Jaguar Land Rover and other top brands. The British car brand is like a note, travel in between the ideal and the reality, the interpretation of the refined and elegant deep deep British heart. And Maurice, is one of the amazing part, perhaps we are very strange for this name, but MG, which belongs to SAIC’s car brand, from the United Kingdom, from the Maurice. Maurice, the thought of the British people on the home to 4 pounds, started his career. In 1910, at the age of 33, he became the first car seller in Oxford – the owner of the Morris Garages. Maurice garage car sales in Oxford is good, and has accumulated a large amount of money, he has a deep understanding of the structure of the car body and parts. He did not stop there, began to develop the car. In 1913, Maurice finally realized his ambition: the first Morris car in the vicinity of the Cowley production. [] Germany Germany run – Weitzman Weizmann Automobile Company (Wiesmann) was founded in 1993, headquartered in Dulman, is the Handmade automobile production plant, its mark is a lizard image show that the production of cars with lizard grip and agility can run fast when the sudden change of direction! The company of each car racing for Weizmann handmade, all components of the vehicle are tailored according to customer requirements, the company is the smallest German vehicle manufacturing plant. Perhaps a lot of people do not know the brand, but in today’s automobile industry’s competitive environment it does show very offbeat, the most significant feature is that Weitzman’s appearance is very retro, this and other car manufacturers draw further apart. This is a bit like Cutler M, but although a classic retro dress, but there is a young surging " heart ". Because it was fitted with the BMW racing engine, like Pagani’s " the heart of " was a Mercedes Benz to the truth. Weitzman and other super run brand Pagani have similar characteristics: from the founder of crazy making belief. Weitzman series of car body with light weight, high strength, made of strong glass fibrous material in Germany in 2007, luxury goods list, the trademark "WIESMANN" from a number of German luxury car brand in the first list of known talent shows itself.相关的主题文章: