Comedy program from amateur to star ” crossover ” a popular ” crash ” it

A comedy show from the amateur to the star   " a popular " crossover " " crash; inevitably – the media – original title: "crossover" popular "crash" is currently in the weekend variety files of the fight in the comedy has occupied a important position. From the "big coffee comedy" in the "happy man" to "not popular comedy" comedy to competition "The Legendary Swordsman", a comedy show has increasingly become an important exporter of human emotion. The comedian, comedy elements after another turns debut, a comedy show will be swept across the screen, that is "actor + comedy star" jointly performing cross-border mode. In September, two programs of the same type will clash, a Beijing TV comedy "cross king" to another file, Zhejiang TV comedy "Nemo", it seems "not sing the actor is not good comedy" will be the autumn of 2016 the entertainment popular language. "King of comedy" the continuation of "cross-border cross-border" brand Beijing TV this year, resolutely stopped underwhelming "the most beautiful harmonies", to create a "crossover singer", from the ratings and reputation, "crossover singer" is not only the most successful Beijing TV broadcast variety, but also the success of the hot "crossover" concept. "King of comedy" crossover "crossover" concept is to continue, occupy the propaganda of the day. The program invited to serve as "comedy called" Xiao Shenyang, Gao Xiaopan, Kennan, Huang Xiaolei, Li Jing, white poplar as "comedy agent, also invited Deng Ya Ping, Fei Yuqing, Le Jia, Lan Qin, Zhou Jie, Sun Nan, Li Yugang and other 25" crossover star "to challenge comedy, for the audience in their comedy the first show. How non comic star celebrity crossover? Is not to let Deng Ya Ping, Fei Yuqing, who came to play a skit, said section crosstalk? In the face of such questions, the general director of "cross-border comedy king" Chen Weibang said: "not only comedy skits and sketches, we hope on the stage comedy show diversity and pluralism, such as foreign origin of shady comedy. Deng Ya Ping has won 18 World Championships, the audience is deeply rooted in her impression. We can’t give her a sketch script, let her play a "black guerrillas", that is not the significance of cross-border comedy. Her performance, must be able to see her own, but also very funny, the audience will be amazed at the original comedy can also play." "The comedy story" happy medium again in recent years, the audience loved "joy", "comedy" The Legendary Swordsman and other programs from the Oriental TV media and the joy of hand, happy medium in comedy shows in the increasingly bigger and stronger. In the comedy star, comedy to provide different platforms for their own competition, the joy of the media teamed up with Zhejiang satellite TV launched the performing arts star comedy stage of the creative. "Comedy" story "is the joy of the media put it with the Oriental TV comedy cooperation accumulated resources, ported to other platforms, like Canxing company finished" The Voice of China "(now the" new song "Chinese), also made a similar section on other platforms)相关的主题文章: