Comments a strong sense of common sense to guard the bottom line of

Comment: a strong sense of common sense of citizens guarding justice bottom line – Beijing strong civil common sense guarding the justice bottom line Author: Cao Lin Shanxi Changzhi Tunliu one of 24 teachers at their own expense dinner was detonated opinion criticized the County Commission for Discipline Inspection, law regulations, on the contrary not feeling abnormal emotion, logic contrary to justice practice the County Commission for Discipline Inspection has become a target for all. It was detonated public resentment, not only lies in the case of the absurd, but that touched the public pain point: some places passed through the head in the implementation of "strict", object mistake, from one extreme to another, like the more extreme is that "execution", contrary to common sense, disgusting. Many people watch the news after all this let me see filled with righteous indignation, warmth, the warmth from the people in the face of a social problem to show when the common sense of what is right and collective sense of common sense — news make people angry, but to see the people shown in the comments of the collective opposition, I rest assured. This warm, from the value of the identity of the warmth, from the bottom line is to defend the warmth, but also from the warmth of common sense resonance. Individual bureaucrats show indifference and lack of legal sense is not terrible, but if the whole society of the imams, are no infringement sense, no sense of common sense to defend, quietly accepted the rights have been violated the reality, it is very terrible. People always try to challenge people’s common sense, such as for a policy or implementation of the system will overexert, contrary to the original intention and common sense, to let people resent the formalism, the direction of running all the way to the extreme. For example, the provisions of the eight original, apparently in order to restrict the leading cadres of the public consumption, and curb bad atmosphere. But a few places, I do not know is too poor understanding, or want to join the typical case, or for other purposes, there will always be good to read crooked. The teacher did not spend their own money before dinner, eating and drinking, not in violation of regulations, what do you deal with them? The Commission so rudely interfere with the normal life, people will only provoke public confuse truth and falsehood, revulsion. Such a violation of the system the spirit of extreme practices, for the implementation of the provisions, is to discredit the provisions of regulations for public opposition and pull hate, manufacturing requirements, is senior black. There are always some people, used to push some of the practice of common sense in the extreme, as if the more extreme revolution. They know that although it had even caused resentment, but at least in the face of a higher level to establish a "resolutely implement the provisions of the" sense of existence — I was resolutely implement ah, just a bit "off". Do not condone this more extreme and more revolutionary, too far away from the original intention of the system and common sense, even worse than the non implementation is also strong. I would like to ask, the County Commission for discipline inspection so many people, do not have a sense of common sense, do you think such a legitimate criticism of the criticism? What is the mainstream of society, keep their common sense, support the "strict", but know this "severe" scale where the main target should be to know who know the boundaries of public and private rights, know what things can not be what discipline, discipline management,.相关的主题文章: