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Comments: venture capital how to wash off the barbarians suspected Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Pi Haizhou involving listed companies placards event is always a focus of the market. As the important role of the insurance funds placards event, is also the focus of attention. Insurance funds are often called market placards "barbarians", that the recent placards Yili sunshine insurance feel wronged. Because the holdings of Erie shares triggered placards but "sunshine insurance really civilized people". In 5% the red placards trigger at the same time, sunshine insurance in simple changes in equity report clearly said, "do not take the initiative to become the largest shareholder of yili". At the same time, said that in the next 12 months is no longer holding Yili shares, and claimed that the purpose of the holdings is out of the future development prospects of the Erie shares of the financial investment". Not only that, sunshine insurance issued a statement in the subsequent statement also stressed that the above commitment will not change because of any relevant changes, not because of the excessive interpretation of certain changes in the market". Although the sun intends to draw a line with the insurance "barbarians", including the Chinese CIRC insurance funds supervision department director Ren Chunsheng also said the sunshine insurance endorsement, sunshine insurance management and investment behavior of the whole is relatively normal and robust, the behavior of the 5% placards, in accordance with the rules and procedures, but the sun insurance let the placards Yili guard, even China Chinese Dairy Association, dairy industry association also said, "do not want to see the dairy industry to become the leading enterprises of capital operation springboard" and "risk capital should not be affected China dairy stable unfavorable factors". Yili why prevent into the sunshine insurance? This is because the company, such as the share of the shares of the company is indeed dispersed in the insurance fund will become a barbarian". Although the stock market speculation from two point of view, the market welcomed the "barbarians" placards, but for the dispersed ownership of listed companies, is not the "barbarians" toss, Yili does not want to become Vanke second". Although the sun insurance has repeatedly said he is not a "savage", but in terms of listed companies, or will the sun insurance placards as "barbarians" to treat. So, how can the sun insurance to wash away the barbarians suspected? This is obviously the insurance funds need to face the problem. To solve this problem, the best way is to go away not kill". In the asset shortage under the background of insurance funds to buy a large number of high-quality stocks, this is very normal, therefore inevitably trigger placards. And in the case of promising future development prospects of high-quality companies, to further increase the shareholding ratio of the relevant listed companies, is also a normal phenomenon. But how to draw the normal financial investment of insurance funds and the "barbarians" boundaries? Just to show that he is a financial investor is clearly not enough, after all, Boland Department of Vanke placards initially claimed to be a financial investor, but also not evolved into "Wanbao dispute"? I build theory相关的主题文章: