Constellation sincere words nerve bottle male taste heavy play dead me (Figure)-kimi wo omou melodi

Constellation sincere words: nerve bottle man taste heavy play dead I (Figure) nerve bottle man too emotional! For a while because of a little thing to run away from home to break up, while chatting happy to hold my hand kiss my mouth! After we divided our hands, we had to quarrel with each other for a while…… Sina orsabambina users love to say to the Sina constellation Aquarius male nerve taste heavy play dead and I is Aquarius male parents introduced, because in order to get married, and Aquarius male rent their place is far away from the unit, so we end together, then in the middle of second live together, until this year, because of a little thing, we have the quarrel, and then he moved out directly. One moment he was very concerned about me, every day I work on the phone or SMS to worry about security, from time to time to get home or eat fruit, but I was very messy, so the form of extreme response, he is very cold, the relationship continued until July. The second day of my birthday, I mean the question of what we mean. He just said we broke up. He said parents don’t always love me, this two and a half years he has been doing the job of the parents, but my behavior makes him feel earnestly, said my little problem he never consciousness is not know. And then they broke up. From the beginning of August, I continued to walk in the way of emotion, to the place where he lives to help him clean the room. But a few times accidentally encounter his attitude is very good, can be very vicious, said a lot of hard words, say my parents let him live with me, said they didn’t want to see our things and so on. I am very sad, go home and mother crying, my mother Leo and Aquarius male in September to take the initiative to meet with my father said to talk about our things, but my mother also took part in the talks, became my mother and his father talk, how did the basic word, the general content is his pressure and he also shake the mother, I mean if you just don’t need but I hope he can communicate with me, then let me go to see his parents. He promised. Then we have a good friend back home, the three of us to eat together to see the film, after the end, I was ready to send them to go home, but the man said that I went first, and then got on the train to go on the road, and then I went home. I have to go home. I’m going to go home. I’m going to go home. I’m going to go home. I’m going to go home. I’m going to have dinner. I’m going to go home and see the movie. I’m going to give them two. I really feel bad, the good friend sent home directly to his home to talk about, his attitude is very cruel, still said a lot of nasty words. His parents didn’t tell me. In October my annual leave with my friends to go to Phuket Island, the day on the plane, my mother alone to meet with him, I came home eleven after that, my mother was severely scolded him, and let him take us home to them all back, also told him I had a boyfriend, how good. I returned to work after a week found that he lived where the key is missing, ask my mom to know, and then to call him at night, we talked a lot, everyone is relieved a lot, and the attitude before, we talked about the life of each other and common friends. From October to the present, that I was in bad health he would come over to give me medicine, know I want to eat fruit, on the.相关的主题文章: