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Heartburn is felt when acid from the stomach flares up into the esophagus causing a stinging or burning pain around the chest area. The nasty effect of acid reflux aggravates the tissues in the esophagus and brings about unpleasant feelings that irritate the chest and throat. Natural and organic acid reflux remedies are often used by heartburn sufferers to heal and prevent the burning sensation of acid reflux. If you get heartburn regularly, it may turn out to be hazardous for your health. You should seek medical care, because chronic acid reflux can lead to a disease known as Gastroesophageal reflux Disease (GERD). One of the best ways to treat your digestive disorder safely is to use holistic or natural acid reflux remedies. If you decide to use antacids as a solution to cure acid reflux you will end up creating more acid imbalance on the long run. Using natural acid reflux remedies to cure this condition, will provide you with a way to regain the balance of your stomach digestion issues as well as giving you other additional health benefits. Just like other health conditions, there is no any specific cause of acid reflux and heartburn. The .mon causes of acid reflux and heartburn include; elevated hormone level during pregnancy, eating before going to bed, alcohol and smoking, drinking carbonated beverages such as sodas or carbonated water, stress, eating fatty, greasy, fried foods and many more in the pool. Once you have found the probable causes and reason triggering your condition, you will need to understand how to fix it. The burden of having daily heartburns, may trigger other problems such as mental depression. In order to avoid unpleasant side effects or other medical conditions you will need to get informed and educated, know what product can help your particular situation. If you really want to move in the right direction, and get rid of heartburn, you will need to be determined, discipline, and ready to face the challenges ahead. Some of the natural remedies for acid reflux are; -change your eating habits by eating smaller portion and chewing more often before swallowing. – eat six small meals a day instead of eating three big meals, and eat slowly in order to digest your food fully. – don’t eat and sleep. The best re.mendation is to wait at least three hours after eating your last meal before going to bed. – find out what foods are more susceptible to trigger acid reflux. This can be different from one person to another. Finally, take note that natural acid reflux remedies are safe and beneficial to your health. Most pharmaceutical pills work fast and provide short relief, while natural or organic acid reflux remedies work slower. However, they work to eliminate the underlying cause of heartburn. 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