Darai’s visit to Europe did not see the reception the broadcast was pinched sectarian gatherings do -winpm

Darai visit Europe do not entertain see: Broadcast pinched sect ought not to please the original title: the Darai Lama visit to Europe do not entertain see referred to also as "hot potato" according to foreign media reports, the fourteen Darai recently visited France by the official "boycott", without any official reception. September 15th, the European Parliament has invited the Dalai Lama to visit the headquarters in Strasbourg and met with the speaker, the Chinese government strongly opposed, the European Parliament delegation’s visit to China was blocked. French "Le Monde" commented that the meeting with Darai is bound to pay the cost of diplomacy". The multidimensional network quoted "Huffington post" said, Darai became an international "hot potato". According to Xinhua News Agency reported on September 19th, foreign ministry spokesman Lu Kang said at a regular press conference, the European Parliament leaders met with Darai undermined China’s core interests, but also seriously damaged the political foundation of the bilateral parliamentary exchanges. According to the law widely reported that Darai 17 visit to Strasbourg, France, Google’s video playback platform YouTube closed the video site to broadcast its visit activities. "We don’t know why," said. "YouTube stopped all of the channels from the video conference". In September 21st, analysis of industry observers anonymity of respondents Chinese Tibet network, as a private commercial network company, YouTube is the first to consider commercial interests in the mainland market has not really entered the China case, the termination of the Darai video broadcast of this decision is a long-term perspective. Facebook (Facebook) in 2015 has also removed the "Tibet independence" elements. According to the British "times" reported that in September 20th the Catholic religion held summit in Italy Assisi, invited the sect leader common pray for the world, but the Pope Francis Darai did not invite participants, the move is accused of Francis in goodwill toward Beijing, paving the way for the establishment of diplomatic negotiations. Tibet network reporter found combing Chinese, since this year, a "religious leader" title of the Darai Lama from time to time by the South China Sea, Taiwan and other hot news sound, visit many times during the speculation reincarnation, human rights issue, in order to maintain the "Tibet issue". However, the 81 year old Darai, after all, is difficult to stop the decline of its international influence trend, and the reasons for his own as a western political chips and the use of diminishing value of China’s comprehensive national strength. The British "Financial Times" has published an article that, although before the French President Hollande published ambiguous remarks, but after taking office had never met Darai, have to say he is a pragmatist. According to the law widely reported that the relationship between law after Sarkozy see Darai and the 2008 Olympic torch relay caused by cold, gradually warmer in Hollande presidency. Comments that, on his government, difficult "Tibet problem" is no longer the primary issue. (Tibet, China net Xia Yan) responsible editor: Wang Haocheng相关的主题文章: