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Dario Fu: a satirist of the demise of Dario · Fukuda time October 13th, Italy playwright Dario · Fu (Dario Fo) died in Milan at the age of 90. Dario ·, a series of sharp satirical comedies created by him, is also famous and controversial. He has created more than 80 plays in his life, and these works are still widely performed in different languages in different parts of the world in the past 30 years. In 1997, "because he inherited the spirit of medieval comedian, denounce authority, maintenance of the oppressed dignity", Dario · Fuzhou was awarded the Nobel prize for literature. Dario · Fu was born in 1926 in Italy San Giano, the father is a railway technician. I worked in the Department of architecture, Academy of Fine Arts and Milan Institute of blera school, after the love of art, the switch in the drama. At first, he performed a short variety show with a few of his friends in cafes and other entertainment venues. After that, he was invited to write for radio and television, as well as to film. Dario and his wife · Fu Fu Sri Lanka · lame are drama creators, they work for the interests underlying the people cry, was called "the people’s poet". Dario · Fu I also very versatile, in addition to world-famous plays, he is an actor, director, singer, songwriter, painter, stage designer. Dario · the most famous masterpiece of blessing is the accidental death of an anarchist. The creation in 1970 plays, tells the story in a Italy police station, the police was an anarchist madman to "play" the story. In 1969, he created the one-man show, "funny and mysterious drama", and his sights on politics and religion. The show aired on 1977 in Italy TV station, Rome Vatican condemned as "the history of the most blasphemous performance". Dario · Fu drama popular drama directors in the Chinese speaking world, including the famous director Meng Jinghui, Lai Shengchuan and others have repeatedly staged his works. At the opening date of Wuzhen Drama Festival, directed by Meng Jinghui "he has two revolvers and black and white eyes", is Dario · Fu script. [Wuzhen] Master Yi Meng Jinghui spanning 18 years, directed by Master 2 drama director Meng Jinghui heard the news in the afternoon Wuzhen Drama Festival conference, he suddenly stood up in surprise, the mood be calm. Director Meng Jinghui said that after the Wuzhen Drama Festival has worked with Dario · Fu’s agent contact, hope honorary chairman invited him to serve as the drama festival, but the other replied that the master is not good, can not take place. On 90s, directed by director Meng Jinghui century pioneer drama masterpiece "an Anarchist’s accidental death", Chen Jianbin starred in the popular "madman", became his early stage in the drama masterpiece. This year, Meng Jinghui also directed Dario Fu · "he has two left hand.相关的主题文章: