Deaoda Audi Beer Festival carnival night

Deodat Audi Beer Festival carnival night in September, accompanied by a cool temperature, for the trust and affirmation of Deodat’s thanks for the new and old customers over the years, organized special "Deodat Beer Festival carnival night activities" delicious delicacy, wonderful performances, mellow beer, high-end atmosphere on the grade of the Audi…… The evening of September 4th, Deaoda Audi Beer Festival carnival night ready. Bavaria eating delicious sausage and bread, with dressed in national costumes shuttle in the crowd band, cheerful dance dance. Yes, this is the Audi Deaoda beer carnival night, "is not like fireworks". German Beer Festival: known as the "beer city" in Munich, Germany, residents from September to October each year, are accustomed to beer festival, its grand and interesting activities. It originated in Germany in 1810 and held the wedding of Prince Ludwig of Munich and the coronation ceremony of the grand ceremony, at the same time for people to celebrate the hop harvest, naturally with the warm atmosphere of beer and beer festival add, as a symbol of "October Festival", Munich residents are proud to call "Beer Festival" the. You can stay at home to enjoy the passion of the German band seven performances. Taste authentic German Frankfurt sausage and other German cuisine. And pure German beer. Collocation, the characteristics of Bavaria delicacy and authentic German beer, the perfect complement each other, the old Joerg and his 7 Man Band "M? NchnerMusikanten" will bring popular music, lively dance Lin Bo chicken dance passionate, and interactive games, full of wit and humour lucky draw… Each drum will be instantly detonated passion, Carnival boom will I drown you! Activity time: September 4, 2016, the late 17:30-18:00 sign up activity place: new Yunnan Crowne Plaza Hotel registration Tel: 010-84563338 to 893相关的主题文章: