Department of homeland experts the government even if the reserve price to sell the net profit is 25-zibba

Experts from the Ministry of land: the government even upset sell net profit also has 25% real estate China paradox: economic engine and Xu Yanyan Zhang Xinchen Li Jingxia Cai Yin Chen Shuzhen Liu Zhanchao weakness Luo Tao house, this is to live, but is carrying a home. And once it became a variety of investment, and tulips, doomsday warrants, second days to stop trading ST shares, it is likely to become the object of a variety of speculative funds. To reduce the monetary easing and the cost of financing, real estate investment and speculative [] provides a hotbed for the real estate itself is a capital intensive industry, which has close relationship with the ups and downs of the tightness of monetary policy, both in home and abroad. On the one hand, including broad money M2 growth, on the other hand is also reflected in the level of interest rates on the [9 19 China National Bureau of statistics released the latest "2016 August 70 large and medium-sized city residential sales price changes, in the country 70 large and medium-sized city (National Bureau of statistics sample in city house prices). New commodity housing (excluding affordable housing) to reach 62 over the same period last year rose city. [as of the end of 2016 6, the financial fund to invest in the real economy balance of $16 trillion and 30 billion, the proportion of investment in the real estate industry is 13.06%, which means that there is a balance of financial capital of the transfusion of real estate. [Famous Economist Ren Zeping released in September 20th, the real estate analysis report that the proportion of real estate accounted for GDP indicators, China’s real estate bubble. Report data show that China’s real estate market capitalization accounted for 411% of the proportion of GDP, much higher than the global average of 260%. A year ago, in spite of the "3 and 30" policy stimulus, a second tier city property market entered the recovery process, but the real estate industry, real estate industry watchers have insisted that China real estate after the booming gold into the silver age of the second half of 10 years "". Even the people plan to buy even believe that prices should stabilize. "I was looking at this situation, I would like to slow down again, such as the first payment to buy a little more." Let He Yi (a pseudonym) did not think of is, just over the years, he had spotted the Shanghai Pudong New Area Takahashi area of the new premises jumped. "Just after the Spring Festival, I came back from my home to see the house, the price becomes 60 thousand." In 2016 the year after the Spring Festival, first-tier cities and more than second tier city property market opening skyrocketing mode, and quickly from the core of the first-tier cities to the surrounding area spread, the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Beijing, Tianjin and other regions of the two or three line of the city gradually rose relay. Land market also frequently floor price, premium refresh news. Crazy not only land and property, as well as real estate loans. According to a rough calculation of the central bank statistics data, the first half of this year, individual housing loans have peatlands 2 trillion and 890 billion yuan, more than last year, the size of individual housing loans. 16 listed banks, as of the end of 2016 the size of personal loans in the end of 6, has reached a total of $13 trillion and 670 billion相关的主题文章: