Derrick Rose

Sports-and-Recreation Derrick Rose is known for his high school highlights featuring an abundance of nasty ankle breaking crossovers. His ridiculously athletic dunks place him amongst one of the only point guards to ever be so athletic. Derrick Rose Bio is full of accolades including two state championships and leading the Memphis Tigers to the NCAA finals only to lose in overtime to the Kansas City Jayhawks in one of the most memorable games in NCAA history. Derrick has never been one to shy away on his quest to one of the greatest point guards ever, what separates him from the Steve Franciss and Marburys of the league is his uncanny leadership skills and humble attitude. Derrick doesnt require the spot light, he wants to win, he wants to be the best, and he wants to make his teammates better. Considering his athletic ability, court vision, unmatched speed, high flying dunks, improved mid range jumper, and incredible work ethic, there should be little stopping Rose from reaching the pinnacle of point guards in NBA history. Although Deron Williams and Chris Paul have easily reached the top with their abundance of skills, Derrick Rose possesses both their athleticism and leadership ability .bined with a similar ceiling. The NBA couldnt resist but name Derrick amongst the NBA elite by naming him rookie of the year, he lead the Bulls with a 16 point and 6 assist rookie campaign to a respectable 41-41 record. Considering theyve lacked an interior scoring presence and have an undersized albeit great natural scorer in Ben Gordon, Chicago has more than surpassed expectations. Rookie coach vinny Del Negro was highly criticized for his lack of X and Os but the ability of his point guard to truly lead Chicago helped Del Negro achieve a 7 game series versus the defending champs Boston Celtics; the series could have easily been won by Chicago. Rose has been a winner in every chapter of his illustrious albeit short career. Wait for him to add more highlights and statistics to the Derrick Rose Biography, there is no doubt he is one of the best point guards to .e along in a long time. Derrick Rose bio. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: