Dew smile Technology Mergers and acquisitions case the subject matter of the company’s net profit tu avbox

Roshow technology net profit target company merger doubts over 200 times a year hot column capital flows thousands thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor you say stocks contest out 60 million reporter Zhou Yi Beijing review "suspension the release of the restructuring plan – – -" the story of the resumption of shares rose in the capital market has been enduring, especially when the target is popular theme. However, a similar story, often in the dark risk surge, this time the protagonist is roshow technology plans through mergers and acquisitions of PV and new energy vehicles. September 7th evening, has been suspended for 4 months of dew laugh Technology (002617.SZ) announced plans to enter the field of photovoltaic and new energy vehicles through mergers and acquisitions. Although the smile technology has not immediately resume trading, but according to the conventional, taking into account the new energy vehicles and photovoltaic are the current popular concept, after the resumption of trading is still about the rate of harvest event. However, insiders believe that the technology is difficult to negotiate the reorganization of the assets of the program more difficult. "Roshow technology is the main industry of enameled wire manufacturing, and dabbled in sapphire, and now the cross-border acquisition of two unrelated industry assets supervision currently does not support this approach, will doubt its ability to integrate the whwh asset acquisition is therefore not to be." Beijing, a senior M & a pointed out. More serious is, according to the twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter exposed two assets: the acquisition of technology smile love Jiangsu energy science and technology limited company (hereinafter referred to as the "love energy") and Shanghai Yun new energy technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Yun") to disclose data doubts, or kept hidden. September 8th, the reporter on the underlying asset data questionable issues linked to the people exposed to laugh technology, concurrent to interview outline, as of press time, has not yet received a reply. Net profit doubled 200 times a year? Display asset restructuring plan, roshow technology intends to issue shares and cash payments to acquire more energy 100% stake in Shanghai is 100% of the equity. Income approach to assess to be energy 100% equity valuation of 600 million yuan, Shanghai is 100% of the equity valuation of Yun also 600 million yuan. In addition, roshow technology also intends to not more than 10 specific investors in non-public offering of shares to raise matching funds of 500 million yuan in cash to pay for the acquisition price, the subject of the company and the agency cost of construction projects. Introduce the acquisition program, more energy is a photovoltaic R & D and manufacturing of high-tech enterprise as the core industry, mainly engaged in photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic modules and photovoltaic system design and development, production and sales. Roshow technology through the acquisition of more energy in photovoltaic industry. This is a company, from 2014 to 2015 to achieve a net profit of 200 times the miracle. Data show that in 2014, 2015, more energy 1-5 months of 2016 were a net profit of 230 thousand yuan, 53 million 230 thousand yuan and 30 million 610 thousand yuan. On the 2相关的主题文章: