Deyang Jinghu is a man whose body is unfortunately drowned river fishing (map) (video) shishangqiyi

Deyang Jinghu is a man whose body is unfortunately drowned river fishing (map) 19 morning, a netizen "Yellow River Bridge near the Jing Lake found a corpse, the police have been involved in the investigation". Reporters learned that the deceased was a middle-aged man, the suspect is fished in the river when a sudden accident, unfortunately drowned. Reporters rushed to the Yellow River near the bridge, the scene has been full of people, we There were many discussions. According to witnesses, the drowning man 1 meters tall and about 6, he was a man in the Jing Lake shore fishing, see Lake fish suddenly up, then jumped into the lake fishing. But he slipped and fell in the fishing, slipped down, the thump of the two do not move, onlookers immediately dialed 110. After receiving the alarm, rescue workers rushed to the scene to rescue the man, but it was too late. The doctor confirmed that the man was not breathing. During the interview, the reporter also saw, there are still a lot of people braved the danger of fishing in the lake. Here also remind you that the leisure fishing safety should always no ground for blame, but keep in mind. Don’t seek momentary gratification, into the unknown waters, put themselves in danger. Editor’s note: the video, the balcony has nothing to do with the original, only the extended reading girl torrent hold old man across the street was unfortunately drowned man kneel to apologize

德阳旌湖现一具男尸 系下河捕鱼不幸溺亡(图) 19日上午,有网友爆料称“黄河桥附近旌湖中发现一具尸体,警方已介入调查”。记者了解到,死者是一名中年男子,疑是下河捕鱼时突发意外,不幸溺水身亡。记者赶到黄河桥附近时,事发现场已经围满了群众,大家议论纷纷。据目击者称,溺水男子身高1米6左右,当时他一人在旌湖岸边钓鱼,看见湖中鱼突然多了起来,便跳入湖中捕鱼。但他在捕鱼时溜了一跤,滑了下去,扑腾了两下就不动了,围观群众立马拨打了110报警电话。接到报警后,救援人员立即赶赴现场对男子进行施救,但为时已晚。经医生确认,男子已经没有呼吸了。采访中,记者还看到,仍然有不少市民冒着危险在旌湖中捕鱼。在这里也提醒各位,垂钓休闲本无可厚非,但安全还是要时刻牢记于心。千万不要图一时的痛快,进入不明水域捕鱼,把自己置于危险的境地。旌阳台编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 女孩洪流中牵老人过马路不幸溺亡 老人被逼下跪道歉相关的主题文章: