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A di | classic steak packages, and a classic – Sohu and di (pinshang steak Center) is located in Qianpu built near the JFC pinshang center A hall on the second floor, the main flow of steak, fine collocation complete selection of a lot of feeling steak very professional, this is to taste some. Store area is quite large, divided into several regions, diners can choose their own comfortable position, exquisite and elegant layout, with some retro flavor, dining environment is pretty good. Today is the choice of a di classic package, soon began to serve, let me yiyidaolai: before the meal: drink cocktails, long thin goblet filled with pink cocktail, is very beautiful, refreshing drink up sweet, with great. Bread: This is probably the most sophisticated steak eaten bread, not only bread, breakfast is similar with sweet taste crispy soft bread, taste good, but only 2. Salad, you can choose a Fresh Fruit Salad or di Caesar Salad, I chose Caesar Salad vegetables, fresh and juicy, fragrant and delicious salty Bacon, soon eat clean. Soup, have four options, I chose the traditional French mushroom soup, soup is rich fragrance, but also good, is less. Meal drink, have 2 options, I chose 100 Hornsey juice, is Passion Fruit Juice, similar to the kind of small cup of white wine, very delicate. The main meal, there are 12 options, I chose a di thick steak, when serving dishes or warm, slow cooling speed or steak, very carefully, three large pieces of beef thick, I chose the 5 cooked, the meat is very tender and chewy, abundant juice and no a lot of blood, evenly sprinkle salt and pepper steak with fragrant to salty taste, if can be dipped in black pepper sauce, but I don’t think the sauce was delicious. There are purple mashed potatoes, corn and other vegetables, very good main meal. For dessert, there are 3 optional, I chose Tiramisu, small square a very delicate, very beautiful set. Finally there are 3 kinds of drinks, drinks a package, is really quite hard, I choose the honey grapefruit tea, sweet and sour fragrance, over a full meal.相关的主题文章: