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Discipline in the long march: why 300 thousand people can keep a secret? [2] why should the 300 thousand keep a secret? In October 1934, the central fifth anti Soviet encirclement failed, the CPC Central Committee and the red army began to withdraw from the Central Soviet Area, was forced to carry out strategic shift. The majority of the Red Army officers and leaders of the CPC Central Committee, who did not think, can not think, they are waiting for the twenty-five thousand li long march. The quiet of the Yudu River, what hidden secret from October 7, 1934 onwards, the Revolutionary Military Commission has issued orders to the main force of the Red Army, three, five, eight or nine have been handed over to the Defense Corps, hidden secrets, and the first to leave the battlefield, the central field column (code red columns), second field column (code red chapter column go to Yudu assembly). The evening of October 10th, two columns were moved into from Ruijin, Huichang and other places to the territory of Yudu. Before and after this, the Central Red Army main one, three, five, eight or nine Corps has secretly gathered to Yudu. In the process of gathering troop rotations, not only with staggered time accurate and stable, secret word. As the Revolutionary Military Commission in nine red army troops near the transfer process, Tingzhou, Ting should go camping in the southwest of the city, West Village, and closely hidden, not by the city and in the city after Ting camp, must be strictly prohibited free into the city "," to avoid enemy aerial reconnaissance and bombing purposes, to close to the dawn of camouflage, as did not reach the destination, must stop, hidden configuration and rest, then began to march at dusk". Oil painting "farewell", author: Jin Shangyi Yudu people bid farewell to October 16th the Red Army forces, Red Army in river north assembled. During the Yudu troops, the army of the replacements, weapons and ammunition, food. And together, the people of Yudu have the support. In the quiet of the Yudu River, the 86 thousand main forces of the Red Army in a county in the assembly, rest for 10 days, until the security successfully crossed the "Long March the first crossing, the Kuomintang still absolutely ignorant of this. The Red Army successfully gathered across the river, to say is a miracle. The people of Yudu is how to keep a secret, help the Reds across the river where hundreds of thousands of the Kuomintang army has been advancing Soviet hinterland Huichang, Shicheng Xingguo, etc.. Once the Red Army’s intentions were known by the Kuomintang army, it would be surrounded in a moment. However, large-scale transfer of tens of thousands of Red Army and the Kuomintang army in order not to be detected, easier said than done. In order to keep secret, Yudu people in the party organizations at all levels of command, with the red army blockade news, and create the illusion of confusing the enemy. The Yudu River and the usual as action selection in the evening to cross the river. In order to ensure the safe crossing, the people of Yudu to assist engineers, 4 pm each day began to set up temporary pontoon, 8 at night, the night crossing the Yudu river all through the night, the next morning the demolition, scattered hidden in the river bank, without leaving any traces. In October 1934, the Central Red Army night over the Yudu River, in order to ensure the troops crossing take bridge, Yudu county had his uncle coffin also donated in Yudu)相关的主题文章: