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Weight-Loss Many years ago, I came across an ad for subliminal weight loss tapes. I was familiar with the concept of subliminal messages because I remembered a hotly contested issue about movie theaters using this technique to make you buy their popcorn. It was referred to as an unconscious perception, or perception without awareness, which allows your eyes to see something before your brain has time to process the message. I remembered being blown away by the way the mind could be programmed to buy a product with just a visual suggestion that the human eye couldn’t see. They said that this was a proven concept that when you went to a movie theater, at some point the word popcorn would flash on and off the screen so quickly that you couldn’t see it, but immediately after it appeared on the screen, there would be a mass exodus of people leaving their seats to go to the lobby to buy popcorn. The ad was very clever. It said that you could play these subliminal tapes while you were reading, vacuuming the house, studying for exams, or even watching television and you would lose weight. I had been on vacation and had gained some weight after eating those delicious, calorie-laden, restaurant meals, so I was up for anything that would help me achieve my objective without strenuous dieting. The company gave you a choice of buying different kinds of music: The Classics, Easy Listening, New Age Music, and Mellow Rock. I was ecstatic. I bought them all and I couldn’t wait to hear them. I also bought a boom box that had the capacity to play two tapes continuously. It went from Side A then reversed and went to Side B, and then it went to Side A of the next tape and reversed and went to Side B. And it kept doing that night and day. Each tape came with a printed script of the words that were embedded in the music you were hearing. It said that you have absolute positive control of your weight and that unwanted fat is melting off your body. It also said that you prefer small portions of food and have a strong urge to eat only health-giving and nutritional foods. The directions that came with the tapes said that for optimum results you should read the script morning and night while listening to the music. Being the perfectionist that I am, I decided that I would read the script at least those couple of times a day that the directions called for, more if I had the time, but that I would keep the subliminal tapes going twenty-four hours a day, every day. In my quest to lose weight quickly and effortlessly and make sure that no stone was left unturned, I took full advantage of the subliminal message by playing the music very softly in the background even while I was talking on the telephone. I weighed myself the first day and decided not to get on the scale again for a few weeks because I didn’t want to be discouraged if the weight didn’t come off fast enough. During this time, my suit skirts were getting a little tight and I figured that maybe my body was reconfiguring the weight. When I finally did weigh myself, I discovered that I had gained twenty-one pounds. Shock doesn’t begin to describe my reaction! I couldn’t believe it. I had read the script over and over and the music played continuously. I alternated listening to The Classics with the Mellow Rock, the New Age Music and the Easy Listening. I hadn’t gone anywhere without my tapes for three weeks and instead of the weight coming off, it had increased substantially. In an effort to understand what had happened, I took out the script and studied it carefully and suddenly everything made enormous sense. The message kept emphasizing small meals and eating health- giving and nutritional foods and that’s exactly what I was doing. In fact, I was getting up in the middle of the night to eat those small portions of health-giving nutritional foods, and I ate so many of those small portions of health-giving nutritional foods, day and night, that it’s a wonder I didn’t gain a lot more weight. So, in answer to my own question: yes, subliminal tapes do work but you have to read the script carefully to get the hidden message within the hidden message. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: