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Don’t rush to fall well boy family "medical" buckle hat original title: don’t rush to fall well boy family "medical" hat buckle Author: Zhong Ming   source:, even in Baoding, Lixian County fall well rescue the boy’s life, affects many people’s hearts. The distraught: after 107 hours after the rescue, the boy eventually died. While the boy grandpa to rescue workers that kneel, also let countless people moved. Just a lot of people think it will end, the event of further turmoil: according to several media reports, the families of the boy in the hospital to make trouble, beat 120 driver. After a kneel "doctor", a grateful attitude to the trouble from turning, so many people refer to the situation reversed". In the medical circle, which triggered a strong response. Many medical aspects of the media and even used the people can not be shameless to this point, the reality version of the farmer and the snake and other titles. Have to say, in the deduction of "medical" has become a hat under the background of public opinion warfare strategy, for those who frequently denounced patients as "medical", when we hold to cautious: "medical" in the legal moral bankruptcy is a party, "medical" should have a strict definition, and not want to put labels, it mainly refers to the patient to seriously hamper medical order, expand the situation to the hospital and other forms of pressure and profit from the behavior. A lot of conflicts between doctors and patients, just like normal human and it is over, "medical" not just the conflict is one of medical workers. Is the "medical" hat buckle to be careful. In this matter, it is surging, BYD and other media reports and multi source reduction, the doctor announced the boy died in the rescue scene, the ambulance will be sent to the crematorium, the family found after the stop, insisted that the child was still breathing, to pull to the hospital, beaten 120 drivers still valid after the rescue. Families have aggressive behavior is an indisputable fact. This, there are two common sense: one should uphold, on their side, misfortune, nor should the act of violence, even if there is a problem, but also the resort to the third party medical mediation committee of some sort, although people value extremely difficult to overcome emotional grief, "no violence" is the bottom line. Two, regardless of the specific circumstances, to give the boy family buckle "medical" hat, right. After the boy was found to be able to save the child, more like a normal state of emotional control. A lot of people in the family died in a short period of time there will be mood swings. On the Internet, the doctor said that for patients to accept the death of relatives, in the hospital to inform the families at the same time, will also carry out cardiopulmonary resuscitation, pull the electrocardiogram of the deceased, to appease the families. The boy fall well families, we should pity the unfortunate tragedy, it is out of control. They went to the emotional excesses from kneel, has nothing to do with humanity doubian, are all out of pity the calf love sad, which also caused the tragedy with tragedy. But for public opinion, they don’t need to buckle on "medical" hat, and the pain of lost children more care, the use of "shameless" words, to intensify the contradiction, but also should do. Source: Beijing News Editor: Liu Hao相关的主题文章: