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"Double" two round of broadcast Wang Ziwen Zu Feng re – "love beautiful spy" entertainment Sohu – Zu Feng Wang Ziwen plays double couple Sohu entertainment news this year as the most popular spy life big emotional drama, "double" in Jiangsu satellite TV broadcast alone will be held today (November 11th) at 19:30 in the two round of Heilongjiang satellite TV broadcast. This department jointly built by Jinyingma television, security investment, Chengdu radio and television did not broadcast the "double" when the harvest has been very much looking forward to the audience, since the launch received industry acclaim, the theme of innovation, modern elements and the characters portrayed on the mix of the particularity of all this drama in the netizen become the best plays a legendary. In the forum held by the experts, the experts evaluated it is a rare collection of historical and artistic value of a double in the conscience of the play. "Double" topic initiation network with the first round of broadcast, TV, word-of-mouth is booming, by "double" derivative topic "20% husband" and "119 bestie" and "Wang Ziwen." also sparked numerous hot friends, repeatedly occupy the topic list, and then triggered a discussion on the special era national interests and personal choice of users. Wonderful story, compact rhythm and novel character for this drama talent shows itself in similar products, with the end of the broadcast, users have a message to the "bullet couple", wish the conscience as a reproduction screen. Establish a good reputation made by industry lack of time in the month end broadcast the first round, the two round of "double" broadcast is very rare in the spy drama industry with such unusual speed, this not to recognize the work. Compared to other spy drama, "double" creative of bold innovation, in addition to outside drama is also the first attempt for the audience to provide a "five time bomb", some of the staff also respect the production side of the sincerity of the. This initiative has attracted a lot of fans from abroad also let them know how to make a work is not easy. "Double" production team not only in the video is carefully produced in the poster is a little known to have find everything fresh and new, fresh "Youth Edition Poster has a strong flavor of the dark star" gun "series of posters. This personality, the idea of "double" actions not only let the industry praise, also let the team behind the highly acclaimed Jinyingma film. Is this the spirit of continuous innovation to make Jinyingma film company to a number of "flying Award" and "awards", "51" award in the bag. As an outstanding film and television production company, they not only in the production of creative works, the backroom staff is extremely respect, respect for every staff is not only an important concept Jinyingma movie. Before the "independence" of the thorn high ratings after "double" network bursting, "thorn" series has become a trump card Jinyingma movie. As the general manager is also Jinyingma movie "double" producer Yang Li said "" double "production is to explore emotions and spy war combined a process." Such innovation has undoubtedly been recognized by the audience in the.相关的主题文章: