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Health Dr. Philip Defina is the founder of the International Brain Research Foundation (IBRF) where he acts as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer. This organization id dedicated to supporting, conducting, and designing cutting edge research focused on exploring innovative treatments for traumatic brain injury, disorder, and disease. Due to the efforts of Dr. Defina and the IBRF, patients suffering from neurological disorders and their families have experienced a new found hope and a higher quality of life. The IBRF collaborates with leading neurological experts and research organizations from around the world to find new methods that work to speed the recovery process for those afflicted with brain disorders. The organization also works on educating experts in this field through lectures series, conferences, training seminars, and research presentations outlining the advancements in treatment options. The IBRF created the Advanced Care Protocol which has helped awaken 43 out of 52 patients from a vegetative state. The Advanced Care Protocol works by utilizing the targeted neuromodulation processes that work to normalize the brains electrochemical procedures that improve the brains ability to function. Another amazing neurological ac.plishment Dr. Defina and the IBRF are responsible for are the treatments that have been made available to US soldiers who have suffered from a traumatic brain injury while serving their country. As an Army Veteran of the first Gulf War, Dr. Defina has remained .mitted to helping these soldiers recover and be able to have access to bright futures. From his work with wounded soldiers, many have experienced recovery with the treatment options made available where they were not expected to recover at all prior to working with the IBRF. The IBRF is currently conducting research on neurodevelopmental conditions of the brain that occur in childhood. Research is directed at treating autism spectrum disorders, ADHD spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, Cerebral Palsy symptoms, and Tourettes syndrome. Dr. Defina is also supporting research aimed at finding treatment options for children suffering from depression, anxiety, and Schizophrenia. Research is also being conducted to better understand the functions of the aging brain in order to better improve and preserve cognition. Often, there is very little hope for people who have suffered a traumatic brain injury or are showing signs of dementia and Alzheimers disease. Dr. Defina and his foundation continue to provide advancements and an increased understanding of traumatic brain injury, disorders, and diseased in order to provide treatment options that give patients and their families hope and a chance at a better life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: