Earrings To Flatter Any Hair Cut Or Style-sweets parade

Jewelry-Diamonds Choosing a pair of earrings is an easy task for any average Jane, but choosing a pair of earrings that flatter your hair cut and style, now that’s another story. Earrings can be worn to draw attention to your hair and face and can really get you noticed, so be sure to choose styles and settings that are .plementary. If you have short hair, such as a pixie cut (like Rhianna) or a bob (like Victoria Beckham), then the features of your face are already dominant. The earrings you choose will be another focal point, so be careful not to overwhelm. You can wear a piece of bold statement jewelry, but you should take into consideration your hair color. For example, brunettes can usually pull off bold jewelry in deep colors for a dramatic look. Try a pair of beaded drop earrings or large hoops. Blondes on the other hand, can also wear strong jewelry, but it will have a different effect, as it contrasts your natural features. Red heads look great in turquoise or aquamarine earrings. If you have medium length hair, then your jewelry should balance out your features. Stud earrings will do the trick or try ones that have a small teardrop. If you have long hair, then your hair and your jewelry might be .peting against each other. To avoid this, try pulling hair halfway back to accentuate your accessories. Or, you can wear oversized hoops or a pair of eccentric chandelier earrings. Simple studs are subtle, while pairing them with a choker necklace can achieve drama. Alternatively, you can pull your hair to one side to show off a pair of fancy rhinestone earrings. This lets the jewelry take center stage and is a very romantic style. Earrings especially can bring out the best looking you, while .plimenting your hair style and color. It’s just a matter of knowing what works and what should be avoided. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: