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Arts-and-Entertainment People say you’re funny. You’re always making people laugh. It’s something you enjoy doing and when people laugh it is the ultimate reward. You fell like you understand .edy, and now you want to take it to the next level by be.ing a professional .edian. But, being a stand-up .ic and .edian is a lot different than making a joke and waiting for your friends to laugh. With .edy, you need to be conscious about the audience, learn about stage presence, and write jokes that have a universal appeal. Yes, being a .edian can be tough, but it is also rewarding. Here is some advice on what you need to know to be.e a .edian. Develop your Persona. Think about all the popular .edians out there. Each successful .edian has something really distinctive about them. Chris Rock. Dave Chapelle. Adam Sandler. Dennis Miller. When you hear these names, you can automatically picture what they are, what they say, and exactly why they make you laugh. It is worth your while to do the same. As a beginner, it may take a few tries to find your signature persona. Test it in front of an audience. Ask for critiques wherever possible. Refine and tweak your stage presence until you’re happy with the results. Different kinds of .edy. Understand that there are several different kinds of .edy. Knowing what they are will help you train accordingly. Do you prefer improve .edy, standup, or would you rather act in a .edy movie or a sit.? There are plenty of other options, too. Once you understand what type of .edy you would like to do, you can set goals and create a plan that will help you achieve success. Attend .edy classes. As you will soon learn, standup or any other types of .edy don’t .e naturally. Sure, you can have the raw talent, the knack for timing, etc. But, you also need assistance understanding the different forms of .edy and how to best use them to your advantage. When you take a .edy class, you can learn all of these things and get some help from a master .edian. In addition to enjoying a shortened learning curve, you will also have the opportunity to interact with fellow .edians and get feedback. Practice makes perfect. Write and practice routines in front of people you know. Attend standup amateur nights. Basically, get as much experience as possible so you can get .fortable in front of people. Practice in front of the mirror. Time yourself so you can know how long your routines are. Change and adjust your jokes until you are happy with them. After you do all this, you are ready to start performing in front of people for money. Enter contests. Entering contests is another great way to get exposure and practice your routines in front of people. No matter if you prefer standup or improve or something else, there are .edy contests for it. You can also enter amateur nights. Some of these may also have a prize. The benefit to these is that professionals may be lurking in the audience looking to spot new talent. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: