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Provide a new paradigm for the central enterprises restructuring eight central enterprises to carry out industrial cooperation for the central enterprises restructuring cooperation provide a new paradigm for the reporter Wang Xueqing Sun Fang yesterday, editor of eight central enterprises to carry out industrial cooperation, SASAC held industrial restructuring of central enterprises integration cooperation forum. The aircraft industry, the weapons industry, weapons and equipment, nuclear construction, the national machine group, Poly Group, China China, a new country and eight central enterprises, implementation of joint collaboration in related fields. Among them, the aircraft industry and state machine group joint development project with 80 thousand tons forging press, Wanhang die forging industry company as platform integration, the aviation market for traction, together will create Wanhang company to become a leading international supplier of high-end die forging. AVIC also reached a cooperation agreement with Poly Group restructuring, the real estate business will be transferred to poly group. With a heavy Chinese nuclear construction reached a business cooperation agreement, to carry out comprehensive cooperation in the main equipment of high temperature gas cooled reactor manufacturing field. Arms industry, weapons and equipment, the Chinese new year on the northern industrial company to achieve an agreement on the restructuring of equity, to promote the establishment of a modern enterprise system, stronger and better North Industrial company. SASAC director Xiao Yaqing said: "(the) cooperation with eight enterprises in the relevant areas of strength, to provide a new model for the central enterprises restructuring cooperation, restructuring of the central enterprises overall, stronger the main industry, the revelatory significance of mutual benefit and win-win." Xiao Yaqing said, at present, the central enterprises are mostly distributed in the traditional industry, business and industry distribution is too broad, long industrial chain, scattered resources, homogeneity management, industrial organization and industry leading role is not strong is still outstanding. To carry out industrial restructuring, cooperation and integration, is to through the powerful combination of professional integration, mergers and acquisitions, and other means to promote innovation driven, resolve the problems of central enterprises in the development process of scattered resources, redundant construction and other issues. At the same time, to carry out industrial restructuring and cooperation is conducive to connecting the upper and lower reaches of the industrial chain, contraction adjustment front. With the implementation of the "The Belt and Road" national strategy, carry out industrial restructuring cooperation is conducive to the central enterprises to take advantage of capacity, highlight key areas, to promote international cooperation and production equipment." Xiao Yaqing said. Xiao Yaqing said: "the next step, the SASAC to intensify its efforts to promote the central enterprises to further optimize the allocation of resources, promote the transformation and upgrading quality and efficiency, enhance the overall function of state-owned economy and efficiency, better play an exemplary role in the central enterprises in the service of national strategy." Specifically, the central enterprises to win-win cooperation and collaborative development principles, to improve the quality and efficiency of economic development, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises as the center, continue to explore new ways of cooperation, through business integration, asset restructuring, equity cooperation, asset replacement, free transfer, transfer agreements, strategic alliances, joint development etc. way, the central enterprises to promote win-win cooperation and coordinated development. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: