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Engadget: People’s daily to fill the home address – – – in the face of public opinion people.com.cn data acquisition, understand the legitimacy of freedom; for the commercial data acquisition, there are Ming Xiao use rights; supervision departments supervised, audit, guarantee citizens’ information security obligations believe that many people have similar experiences. Register an account online to learn English, some courses are advertising mail; open a stock account, not the transaction will have various financial advisers to "hello"; bought a guitar and some music training institutions of learning suggestions is to flatter…… In addition to the person’s name, gender and other information, these strange "care" information even your age, occupation, marital status, family address, etc. are well known. The leakage of information, so we like living in a transparent glass room, personal privacy is exhaustive, it not only cause the information harassment, may also bring great harm. Some telecommunications fraud, it is by virtue of private information to defraud the victim of trust, to be able to carry out illegal activities. We work in life, all the time in the production of information. Mobile Internet era, with the community’s attention to big data, these behavioral characteristics are likely to be recorded in the form of data. The era of data rich, but also often vulnerable to the era of privacy protection. Faced with the growing data, we have to worry about data security.   in reality, we repeatedly submit all kinds of information, the registration website account, apply for membership card, fill in the courier…… Some are not required to fill in the ID card, home address and other sensitive information. Sometimes, different departments repeatedly collect the same kind of data, even in different links are also repeated collection. As to why it needs to be, what is the use, but little explanation. In fact, a considerable portion of the data collected in the Department of the Department, the organization of the computer, the library, once fall into the hands of criminals, great risk. Part of the practice of commercial institutions is more special, for example, some application software does not have a risk warning, in the case of the user is unaware of your location, address book and other private information. Is this really useful? Or have an ulterior motive organization to sell for profit? The storage computing center or the data on the server in the cloud, if there is no encryption protection, once hacked, data will be very easy to be copied, transfer, resulting in privacy streaking dilemma. Faced with the risk of data leakage, many institutions of security awareness and prevention capabilities did not keep up. The more data collection, the more complex the acquisition mechanism, the greater the potential security risks. We need to strengthen the security of data at the same time, but also need to reflect on the data collection is sometimes too much? We are not opposed to data collection, but to clarify the boundaries of data collection in the public sector or business. Ordinary people production data, the transfer of ownership, in the downstream data chain, in the face of risk, it should have the right to be protected. In the face of public data acquisition, there is the freedom to understand the legitimacy of commercial data collection, there is a clear purpose of the right to use; regulatory authorities also have oversight, audit, the obligation to protect the safety of citizens information. In order to clear the data相关的主题文章: