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Enjoy the lonely Christmas Snowman advertising burst of red network really is the dog abuse as the temperature decreases, you have to feel the winter? In every cold winter, we will usher in christmas. As following the double eleven after another discount season, many shoppers are ready for the wallet, prepared to meet the challenge. This time many department stores have open Christmas advertising. Today is mother penguin to introduce an interesting advertising works. John Lewis Christmas Advert 2016 #theSnowglobe John · Lewis (John Lewis) is a famous British department store, has stores in Oxford Street business district and shopping center. From the opening of the first store on Oxford street in London in 1864, John · Lewis department store has 150 years of history, has a good performance Business Flourishes. Recently there is a nickname for the "Nick" of the students in the UK on the network burst red. When he finished the homework for the British department store, John · Lewis designed a short animation advertising. In fact, he early in June this year has been uploaded to the YouTube advertising, but through the recent media reports, the advertisement suddenly burst red. The ad tells the story of a glass ball in the snowman from lonely lonely story to accept. The glass ball in the snowman often feel lonely and cold, so he began to love a good fantasy in my heart. But later I learned to be thankful for all they have. Although cherish the moment is a common theme, but the penguin Niang but felt a deep sense of loneliness. In the snowy winter, is really suitable for the snowman. So the snowman ads will burst red in November, also can understand. Because of the advertising by many users on the Internet to reprint, so Nick said in a statement it is one of his work, really is not an official advertising, did not intend to let it burst of red. But now many users feel that this advertisement is very good, some people even call John · Lewis simply hired the users. Click here to download the Tencent animation APP, more popular animation works

享受寂寞的雪人广告爆红网络 圣诞节果然是虐狗的随着气温逐渐降低,大家有没有感受到冬季的严寒呢?在每年寒冷的冬季,我们都会迎来圣诞节。作为继双十一之后的另一个打折季,不少购物狂们早就准备好了钱包、严阵以待。这段时间不少百货公司都相继公开了圣诞节广告。今天企鹅娘就向大家介绍一个有意思的广告作品吧。 John Lewis Christmas Advert 2016 #theSnowglobe 约翰·路易斯(John Lewis)是英国著名的百货商店,在牛津街商业区和购物中心里都有它的分店。从1864年在伦敦牛津街开办第一家店铺算起,约翰·路易斯百货店已有150年的历史,至今生意兴隆,业绩不错。最近有一位昵称为“Nick”的学生在英国网络上爆红了。他在完成作业的时候,替英国百货公司约翰·路易斯设计了一支动画短片广告。其实他早在今年六月就已经将广告上传至了YouTube,但是最近经由媒体的报导,这支广告突然间又爆红了。 这支广告讲述了一个玻璃球里的雪人从感到孤独到接受孤独的故事。玻璃球里的雪人常常觉得孤单寂寞冷,于是他开始在心里幻想美好的爱情。但后来又学会了感恩自己现在拥有的一切。虽然珍惜当下是一个常见的主题,不过企鹅娘却感受到了深深的孤独感。在大雪纷飞的冬季,的确挺适合堆雪人。所以这支雪人广告会在11月爆红,也就可以理解了。 由于这支广告受到了许多网友的转载,所以Nick不得不在网上发表声明表示这只是他的作业之一,真的不是官方的广告,也没有打算让它爆红。不过现在很多网友都觉得这支广告非常不错,甚至有人打电话叫约翰·路易斯干脆就雇用这位网友。 点击下载腾讯动漫APP,看更多人气动漫作品相关的主题文章: