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Make no mistake, business is war, and the very best way to approach business war is by studying the teachings of Sun Tzu the ancient Chinese military strategist. Since he first published his strategies in the sixth century BC countless military, political and corporate leaders have implemented his strategies. From a contemporary perspective the Dragons’ Den TV series gives us an insight into how savvy business investors like Theo Paphitis & Deborah Meaden either consciously, or sub consciously implement Sun Tzu’s Art of War strategies. Picture the scene. The premise of Dragons Den TV is to provide a face to face interactive platform between aspiring business entrepreneurs, and high net worth individuals known as The Dragons. In the new series of Dragon’s Den 2010 this includes the well known Dragons like Theo Paphitis, Deborah Meaden, Duncan Bannatyne, James Caan and Peter Jones. The entrepreneurs have to deliver their business pitch for investment to the Dragons. The rule is they have to secure all the investment from one or more of the Dragons, or they leave the pitch empty handed. This is a real David and Goliath encounter. In military terms this is akin to Lichtenstein invading China. The Dragons have years and years of hard core business skills and acumen, whereas most of those pitching for the Dragons money are unskilled novices trying to get their foot on the first rung of the business ladder. Although Theo Paphitis and Deborah Meaden hail from different backgrounds, Theo Paphitis is considered the Dragons Den TV retail expert, while Deborah Meaden is billed as the Marketeer, together they both form a dream team business partnership. Any entrepreneur entering the Dragons’ Den (DD) will find added value in the business growth secrets harboured by Deborah Meaden and Theo Paphitis. It is their combined skill, experience and business growth secrets that can really turbo charge the aspiring entrepreneurs business into fast long term sustainable business growth. Enter the Dragons’ Den, where Theo Paphitis & Deborah Meaden have established an unwritten investment partnership alliance to ward off Peter Jones & the other strategic partnership alliance of Duncan Bannatyne & James Caan. DD TV provides all business owners with an array of business growth secrets. If you want to grow your business then don’t miss the new DD 2010 series 8. Any master of Sun Tzu’s Art of War strategies will recognise the following traits adopted by Theo Paphitis and Deborah Meaden in the DD TV series. Theo Paphitis Art Of War Business Strategy #1: Know Your Environment Theo Paphitis is a master of this strategy, as it’s clear on the DD that he knows his business environment inside out. Like Sun Tzu, Theo Paphitis is big on strategy meetings for his senior managers and directors. He is on record in one of the DD books that he likes to whisk his senior business people away twice a year to plan and manage their business development strategy. Theo Paphitis Art Of War Business Strategy #2: Control The Game Although Theo Paphitis and Deborah Meaden have partnered up on some DD investments, Theo is very comfortable, and very successful in funding investments on his own. He achieves his high level of success by controlling the game. In reality the DD TV series is about controlling the game. In fact much of the TV entertainment derives from watching the Dragons and the entrepreneurs fighting to control the game. Theo Paphitis Art Of War Business Strategy #3: Run With Opportunities Collectively Theo Paphitis and Deborah Meaden are very adept at running with opportunities but Theo Paphitis is particularly astute at identifying opportunities which will reap rewards from his business growth secrets. In the DD Theo Paphitis understands that chance favours the prepared mind. Enter The New Dragon: Theo Paphitis Profile Theo Paphitis is a very popular member of The DD TV series. Over 22,000 people search for the name Theo Paphitis every month, and a further 22,000 search for the key phrase Paphitis Theo on Google. Although Google is the largest search engine in the world, it is only one of many search engines like Yahoo, MSN-Bing, Ask, AOL and many others. Deborah Meaden Art Of War Business Strategy #1: Your Philosophy Matters Ghandi said, "be the change you wish to see in the world." Deborah Meaden is the only female member of the DD TV team. She is a successful business woman with a vast array of personal business growth secrets. A woman who has masterfully transferred her own creed and life philosophy into a formidable business empire and business investment portfolio. Every one presenting before Deborah Meaden on the DD TV show should understand her belief that your philosophy matters. Understand this and you will establish good rapport with Deborah Meaden. Part of the synergy between Theo Paphitis and Deborah Meaden stems from this mutual understanding of company philosophy and corporate values. Deborah Meaden Art Of War Business Strategy #2: Act Fast As a Master Marketeer on the Dragons’ Den, Deborah Meaden appears to follow Sun Tzu’s strategy of acting fast. She is quoted as stating her best advice to aspiring business entrepreneurs is to, "stop thinking about it, and do it." This reinforces Sun Tzu’s belief that damage to moral and resources are caused by protracted campaigns. As an expert in marketing, Deborah Meaden clearly understands the relevance of taking swift action to avoid the two pitfalls of expense and exhaustion. Duncan Bannatyne and his sometimes investment partner James Caan and Peter Jones all clearly understand the importance of acting fast when a lucrative business opportunity presents itself. Avid viewers will be glued to their TV sets watching the new series of DD 2010 for the next tranche of business opportunities. Deborah Meaden Art Of War Business Strategy #3: Remove Emotion From Strategy When you study previous episodes of DD TV and the individual reactions from Theo Paphitis, Duncan Bannatyne, Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden and James Caan, it is clear that Deborah Meaden has mastered the art of removing emotion from strategy. Deborah Meaden attributes her hard work ethic to having a resourceful mother who taught her that to be successful, you have to do whatever it takes. One of the best ways to understand how to remove emotion, is how Deborah Meaden has no time for self pity. She has no time for this. Her belief is you should just get on with your business and do it, because no one else is going to do it for you. Enter The New Dragon: Deborah Meaden Profile Since her first appearance in third series of the DD, Deborah Meaden has become a very popular member and favourite of The DD TV series. Over 18,100 people search for the name Deborah Meaden every month, and a further 880 search for the key phrase Deborah Meaden Dragons Den, every month on Google. Considering Google is only one of several major search engines online this offers a clear indication of Deborah Meaden’s popularity. Those in the business world with an interest in start up ventures will look to the new series of DD 2010 in eager anticipation. The BBC has managed to fuse together a superb blend of business and real life TV drama. In just the same way as Simon Cowell’s X Factor derives a huge audience following for the absolutely terrible performers, so does the DD. TV critics have referred to some unsuccessful entrepreneurs in the Dragons’ Den as ‘Car Crash TV.’ However in reality, one should consider this an excellent platform for learning how to apply for investment. I’ve watched many episodes from the shows seven previous series, and I’ve learnt something from just about most of those pitching for investment. The DD is also a fantastic resource for any business consultant and business advisors. Where else can you receive real life feedback presented by new entrepreneurs pitching for investment from serious business heavyweights like Theo Paphitis, Deborah Meaden, Duncan Bannatyne, Peter Jones and James Caan. is The British American Security Expert he has 20 years experience delivering his security expertise to numerous governments, Intelligence security agencies & businesses worldwide. He specialises in close protection bodyguard services & asset protection. 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