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Bask in the environmental protection research and development costs of listed companies of the five one and a half years invested less than 10 million yuan Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money for the project development costs, income of environmental protection enterprises is still stretched love and hate. If the investment is too high, will affect current profits to a certain extent; if the investment is too low, in the long term, it will affect the enterprise innovation vitality, scientific research ability and the ability to get orders, related to the sustainable development of enterprises. After all, this kind of high-tech industries such as environmental protection industry, who owns the technology who will have the future. To this end, the interface of the Ministry of environmental protection news research industry fifth, the cost of research and development of listed companies to get out of the sun. The study of the environmental protection industry, from the R & D costs, cost accounting, research and other aspects of the statistical study of the subject of 78 environmental protection industry listed companies. Look at what environmental protection enterprises in the most willing to invest in scientific research. Based on Wind data, the interface news statistics found that the environmental protection industry in R & D investment in the following aspects. First, compared to A shares of the whole industry, the investment in the development of environmental protection industry has been good, far more than the industry average, but there is still room for improvement. Second, compared with the year 2015 compared to the environmental protection industry in the first half of 2016 investment has shrunk, embodied in the research and development costs on the growth of revenue. Third, environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprises R & D investment accounted for a higher proportion of environmental monitoring class is high; environmental engineering research and development enterprises accounted for a low proportion of investment, especially in the water treatment industry. Fourth, there are only a year and a half of environmental protection enterprises R & D investment of less than $10 million, there are 15 companies in 2015 R & D costs accounted for less than 2% of the proportion of operating income. According to interface news statistics, excluding 10 2016 report did not disclose the development costs for the company, the remaining 68 companies in the first half of 2016, total R & D investment amounted to 1 billion 688 million yuan, 1 billion 476 million yuan year-on-year growth of 14.33% compared to the first half of 2015; enterprises accounted for total operating income ratio accounted for 2.73%; net profit attributable to the proportion of 25.01%. Research and development costs look good growth year on year, but compared with the 2015 R & D expenses growth, revenue accounting, compared with the obvious decline. In 2015 the company’s total investment in research and development of 3 billion 721 million yuan, an increase of up to 24.33% year on year, R & D expenses in operating income and net profit accounted for the proportion of 3.14% and 27.15%. Thus, due to the overall situation in the first half of the overall increase in the environmental protection industry, the company’s investment in R & D spending has shrunk dramatically. R & D costs decreased by 10 percentage points, accounting for the proportion of revenue fell from 3.14% to 2.73%. Some industry insiders believe that R & D investment accounted for 5% of the proportion of revenue to be competitive, therefore, the environmental sector listed companies R & D investment efforts still need to be improved. However, compared with the A shares of all listed companies, the investment in the development of environmental protection sector相关的主题文章: