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The European and American players mainstream turbo test car reviews – Sohu automobile Sohu [auto car] in power demand increasingly stringent emission standards and growing, how to improve the efficiency of the engine is all the car companies can not avoid the problem, the small displacement turbocharged engine by many European car enterprises favored in such big background under the. Unlike the Japanese manufacturers prefer hybrid systems, turbocharging system and the traditional internal combustion engine in principle there is no difference, so it is easier to adapt to the existing platform, with a wider range of adaptability. Beijing – Benz E – listed time: August 22, 2016 – the price range: 43.68-49.98 million – level models: large car models comment: the new generation of Mercedes Benz E class can be said to be one of the highest degree of concern listed models recently, compared with the same level of competition, whether it is the exterior or interior have obvious the advantages, future market performance is worth looking forward to. Power, we test the model is equipped with 2.0T high power version, 0-100km h accelerated performance of 7.10s, no doubt the power of strong. – BMW X1 – listed time: May 20, 2016 – the price range: 28.6-43.9 million – level models: compact SUV models SUV comments: for a potential user, what factors control, is not a high priority. The utility space, comfortable driving experience and good appearance is what they want. And these, the new X1 do well. After giving up drive to UKL precursor platform is a difficult and significant choice for BMW, with a rear wheel drive platform to give up in exchange for more space, travel car and X1 models the entry-level Series 2 is a very wise move. This level of consumer attention to the space to be greater than the control, to give consumers more and more want, rather than blindly advocating fans in essence. The FAW Volkswagen Jetta GLI – listed time: June 7, 2016 – the price range: $218 thousand and 800 – level models: compact sedan comments: great success in golf GTI, public performance car pedigree spread to many models. In the hatchback, the cannon wind blew the car on the three. From 2005 to 2008 R Polaris, Sagitar Champion Edition, they are all blown away by car. The wind speed will not be missed. In the performance with the cannon, Sagitar GLI still retains the three car’s utility. Perhaps those who have a family room indecisive people, then movement can also be domestic Sagitar GLI is the dual choice of their passion and affection. – Dongfeng Peugeot – listed time: July 12, 2016 – the price range: 15.27-21.97 million – level models: compact SUV models commented: when we consume.相关的主题文章: