Evaluation of the South Ming beauty of ancient tea trees in 2015 Hekai Chayou (1) – Sohu and-lara fabian

Evaluation of the South Ming beauty of ancient tea trees in 2015 "Hekai" Chayou (1) – Sohu and the South Ming beauty of ancient tea produced in 2015 "Hekai", Tang Zhichun full slip, tea wind steady heavy, the longer throat rhyme is stronger, more sweet taste. South Beauty Tea launched famous odd Rhyme Series, one of the more prominent product style. From September 2016 to 20 listed so far, there have been 438 friends of tea to choose this product, of which 70% of tea friends are to choose a mention (7 cakes) to collect. A, product information name: famous brand: odd rhyme. He opened the Southern Ming beauty process: Pu’er Tea: specification: 357 grams of bread, 7 loaves of bread, 6 pieces of the year: 2015 origin: Xishuangbanna · · Menghai County; he Kaigu Dasan ancient tea raw materials: Hekai shelf life: meet storage conditions long term storage consulting buy micro number: 6480348 (long press copy) storage conditions: clean, ventilation, light, dry, no smell, no pollution, two tea evaluation under the condition of the following evaluation is through the South Ming beauty (WeChat No.: nmjrtea) the official Taobao store and WeChat platform organize tea on "Hekai" feedback evaluation. Tea: a year to drink her tea, needless to say (from Taobao) tea II: your home this new Kaicha good, in the hills in Hekai visibility is very high. Last year’s tea, now what to eat grass flavor, and put should be better. (from WeChat) tea friends: he opened a strong tea flavor, aroma is very adequate, very slippery to drink, the more the more sweet to drink back. Tea is a bubble, bubble at home after the 15 bubble and taste. Logistics soon, the next third days after receipt of goods. (from WeChat) 4: Hekai tea back to Gan fluid are very good, drink some more tea than cotton, tea is very good taste, as food rations. (from WeChat) Note: the above comments from Taobao "South Ming official beauty shop" and the WeChat platform, want to learn more about the tea can also enter the Taobao search shop "South Beauty Tea" view. For fear of goods not received love tea, tea tea was taken when the south wind will give you with tea samples shipped together, you receive the goods after the first tea, if not satisfied with the South Ming shipping exchange. Buy this product, Pu’er Tea preservation, drink brew, store, please South Ming beauty senior tea micro number: (long press copy) consulting. The mountain is most close to the old class, in fact, called the new man? The famous Pu’er tea secret – Iceland tea forgery what Pu’er Tea for deposit? (with no Feng for example) spent ten thousand dollars to buy the old class chapter fake tea, actually also believe that is really concerned about Dong said tea public: dyshuocha read the above, said tea network () released. Click on the lower right corner of the subscription (free) Dong said tea相关的主题文章: