Every mother who is hated by the child, is worthy of being loved…… Sohu –iptd-651

Every mother who is hated by the child, is worthy of being loved…… Sohu – maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual in order to become a good mother, you do love him slaving away, eat the food, he wanted to buy the toys, meet all the requirements of the child, his heart is in the hand, for fear of accidentally upset the child you become angry, hate "". But ah, good mother to child to obey in every way? At some point, a child who hates his mother is not necessarily a bad thing. A really good mother is a child who hates her. 1 was rejected, is a child’s compulsory course, "Mom, I do not eat this dish!" "Mom, I want this one, too!" "Mom, I don’t want to get up!" Is not every day to hear the child such a request, as a mother, how do you do it? If you don’t eat this dish, you’ll have another dish Is not heard a child crying mother, has made him busy for? Do you think that the child is still small, not too much, just to meet him, completely do not consider other. Why don’t you try to refuse? The child’s desire is endless, you bought him a car today, he wants a big plane tomorrow. What should I do? You don’t dare to say "no"". In fact, there are a lot of time, children are unreasonable, just your eyes blinded by love. To reject the child’s unreasonable demands, is responsible for the child. The children also face their life, in addition to you, there are a few people are willing to touch him? Don’t worry if you turn down your child’s request, he’ll hate you and blame you. Your refusal to let the children understand that not all ideas and needs will be met, this is an important lesson in the growth of children. 2 do you hate, children can grow up I know a mother, she said the children at home is to clean the room, wash their socks; she never check the homework, not to help him pack his bags, children from the primary school will never pick through. I am envious of her chic, but also vaguely feel uneasy, "you do, the child does not hate you?" She laughed, "you are afraid of children hate you? He’s got a lot of exercise and a lot". Yeah, what does it matter to be hated? He doesn’t want to do homework, just want to watch TV, you can’t be with him; he wants to go out in the evening, go to the Internet bar with friends, you can’t let him go. The child will feel boring, you hate, but you just reject told him that he should do their part. Children only eat a ready-cooked meal, after the clothing to hand the baby grow up, their greenhouse, how to live independently? So, though, he was a little tired of your mother, but he will face the future of wind and rain, will understand that you are not deliberately do not cook. Try to exercise his ability to survive, let the children to accumulate experience, so that children become more and more independent, in the face of difficulties when painting相关的主题文章: