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Expert: domestic drones can replace one   fighter; future or carrier – Military – "rainbow -5" male UAV flight test. Beijing on 28 October, (Qiu Yue) the eleventh session of China international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition (2016 Chinese airshow) will be held in Zhuhai from November 1st to 6. In the previous Chinese show site, domestic drones are always of concern. A military expert said in an interview with the people’s daily, the development of domestic UAV so far, has a certain ability to replace someone’s fighter. Domestic drones have replaced the fighter capability of the reporter was informed that the domestic "Rainbow" UAV will be a strong lineup of exhibitors, exhibits the rich for the previous exhibitions. Not only the "rainbow -3", "rainbow -4" star products exhibition, and the latest version of the "rainbow -5" solar UAV, UAV, ship, air cushion composite ground "rainbow -805" high speed stealth drone and other products will be unveiled this show. The "Rainbow" series of UAV chief engineer Shi Wen had an interview with the media, have described the "Rainbow" mentality of the development of uav. In 2004, the UAV team in the absence of any foreign aid and experience reference, developed the first aircraft with independent intellectual property rights of the "rainbow -1" UAV, shortly after the "rainbow -1" production, "rainbow -2" successfully developed. 2007, with the success of the first rainbow -3 fly, China’s UAV industry ushered in a good opportunity to transition from low-end to high-end strategic. Then, in order to adapt to the international development trend, with the "rainbow -4" hollow long endurance UAV was achieved without spectrum of domestic UAV platform series, load type, systematic, integrated, comprehensive development of application system, the actual combat, the "Rainbow" series for the UAV generation table is the formation of small and large coverage, short-range UAV high-end product line full spectrum type and development system. According to reports, the rainbow -4 unmanned aerial vehicles up to 18 meters, the flight speed of up to more than 300 kilometers, the flight time of up to more than and 40 hours, and equipped with a reconnaissance system below the nose. According to foreign media disclosure, "rainbow -4" has two types, "rainbow -4A" for the special reconnaissance, and the "rainbow -4B" is the "police hit one" attack UAV, capable of carrying 6 small pieces of missiles or bombs. In the upcoming airshow unveiled the latest large hollow long endurance performance machine "rainbow -5" is a further leap, its wingspan of 20 meters, with heavy power, heavy load, long voyage, voyage far great advantage, the reliability and safety of the sharp rise, the comprehensive technical index is far better than the United States "predator UAV -B". Experts pointed out that the development of domestic UAV so far, to a certain extent, has the ability to replace some of the fighters. The development prospect of the shipborne unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is more and more widely used in military and civil fields. In civilian areas, emergency response, and can be applied to the major social events and major natural disasters on land resources investigation and monitoring, environmental monitoring and protection, as well as marine surveying and mapping, in aviation electrical measurement and marine maritime patrol)相关的主题文章: