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Expert: flexible "Taiwan independence" substantial harm to cross-strait relations more – Beijing, China News Agency, Zhengzhou, October 25 (reporter Zheng Qiao) China Research Institute of Taiwan Academy of Social Sciences researcher Xiu Chunping said on the 25 in Henan, Zhengzhou, the Democratic Progressive party returned to power, to take the so-called flexible line of "Taiwan independence", trying to not hard no direct collision and provocative way, one by one to implement the "Taiwan independence" policy. This approach is more subtle, the greater the harm of cross-strait relations. Xiu Chunping participated in the "Cross Strait Relations: challenge and response" seminar held by the National Research Council of Taiwan, during an interview with reporters for the above statement. She pointed out that the DPP authorities by making the green person as cultural and educational institutions responsible person, the abolition of "lesson outline trimming, take measures such as Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum ceremony offering free," China to deliberately plan ". This kind of practice is harmful to the normal development of cross-strait relations, is the root of the main vein, is a challenge to the fundamental interests of the Chinese nation and harm, but also poses a great threat to the security of Taiwan strait. Xiu Chunping suggested that the so-called flexible, progressive and non collision resistance, compression and shrinkage limit, overcrowding, containment have become an important means of dealing with the "Taiwan independence" living space for extrusion and separatist restrictions, making it difficult to implement or implement the policy division. Contest process, the soft power competition is an important part. The Chinese culture is an important basis for the mainland to respond to the "Taiwan independence" and to exert its soft power, and to make good use of its soft power will make the system more flexible and attractive. Macao Institute of social economic and Public Policy Research Institute Professor Zhu Xianlong said at the seminar, the Taiwan authorities are to carry out cultural "Taiwan independence" as the theme of "flexible independence". He suggested that cultural integration should be adopted to resolve the Taiwan authorities’ flexible Taiwan independence". Specific measures include through cross-strait folk literature and art, establish incentives and support mechanisms, the establishment of the sports development project, jointly compiled a textbook or reference materials etc.. Director, research center of Taiwan Military Academy of military science researcher Bai Guangwei submitted conference papers pointed out that after Cai Yingwen took office, Chen Shuibian learned during the period of "radical independence" of "de jure independence" failure, "Taiwan independence" means flexible, show the so-called "good idea", reduce the collision, reduce the risk of war, destruction the cross-strait relations responsibility to the mainland in order to deceive the people on the island. Bai Guangwei stressed that overall, flexible "Taiwan independence" attitude, low figure soft, deceptive, seemingly no serious short-term, but long-term harm, can easily lead to friction on both sides of confrontation, conflict and even unrest. (end)相关的主题文章: