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Expert: want to protect the skin from UV? The amount of sunscreen can not be less – People’s Health Channel – People’s original title: experts: want to protect the skin from UV? Sunscreen use less [global network reported] according to the British "Daily Mail" reported on August 23rd, although in the past 15 years, the probability of skin cancer has doubled, but the vast majority of people do not know exactly how to apply sunscreen to prevent sunburn from UV rays. In this regard, experts said that the amount of sunscreen can not be less. Chris, medical director of the British National Radiation Protection Bureau? SHARP said, a family of four at the beach to spend 400 pounds in sunscreen takes about two weeks (about 3508 yuan), in order to protect their skin from sunburn. Chris said, a handful of people with one hand the amount of sunscreen (about 25 ml) is suitable for adolescent or adult. People need to use it every time they go swimming or sunbathing. If people choose in one day sunlight is most intense, hurt the largest 11 points to 15 points in the sun sunbathing, so every hour should use a sunscreen. It is important to note that sunscreen is a thick smear on the face and body. British doctor Anthony Department of dermatology at St Thomas’s Hospital in London said: "research shows that many people do not apply enough sunscreen on the body. If you want to sunbathe, that day will probably need to use a bottle of sunscreen (standard bottle size). If you want the brown color, but also try to from the burning sun, the skin is exposed to ultraviolet radiation to minimize. If you often use high expansion sunscreen, you will have a really dark brown color. (Song Meng Guo Siyi) (Xu Xinyi, right: the commissioning editor Juan)相关的主题文章: