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Communications If you have been looking for an exciting movie, Fantastic Four is perfect for you. This movie has great special effects and loyalty to the comic book. This is an awesome film for everyone that is an old Fantastic Four fan and even for today’s generation. Volunteering for a voyage to an orbiting space station, four scientists are changed by cosmic rays. Johnny Storm, played by Chris Evans, creates and controls fire. Ben Grimm, played by Michael Chiklis, turns into an incredibly strong…thing! Dr. Reed Richards, played by Ioan Gruffudd, gets the ability to stretch his body. Sue Storm, portrayed by Jessica Alba, becomes invisible and can generate force fields. Before leaving Earth, Dr. Richards approaches Victor Doom, played by Julian McMahon, with a business proposition involving research on genetics and finding a cure for a wide variety of diseases. They agree to use Doom’s hovering space station to observe a unique space storm that contains the building blocks of life. Everything seems routine until the storm picks up speed and hits the station far ahead of schedule. All at once, everyone on the space station is affected, though none of them are aware of it…until the genetic changes begin to happen. Together, the "Fantastic Four", as named by the press, must intervene in the evil plans of Doom, a tycoon billionaire businessman. Being aboard the space station with the other four, Doom also changes gaining an invincible metal alloy body that absorbs and controls electricity. Then it really gets complicated. Sue Storm and Reed Richards join forces to find a cure for their "special powers" and yet somehow, have to get past their old personal conflict. These two extremely intelligent scientists once were in love and had a painful end to their relationship. Now, suddenly reunited, they try to be professional with each other in order to figure out a way to change their bodies back to the way they used to be. Ben Grimm really gets the short end of the stick. He has the most changes to deal with since his total appearance is altered to a walking huge hulk of living rocks. Even though he has a heart of gold, his girlfriend rejects him immediately, frightened by his new body. Ben Grimm endures even more humiliation when the press gives him the name, "The Thing". He cannot even use an elevator because his weight exceeds the limit of what elevators can handle, over two thousand pounds. The movie grows more intense as Doom grows in his abilities and ambitions for power. Like his personality, he remains cold to human suffering, caring only for what he can use and control. After being threatened directly by Doom, all four heroes, Reed Richards, Ben Grimm, Sue and Johnny Storm must band together to stop Doom from destroying the city and killing millions of innocent people. "Fantastic Four" is Rated PG for sequences of intense action and suggestive content. This movie really delivers to the fan a lot of action, humor, and fun. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: