Female stall stalls were refused to withdraw the peer beating husband was the other scratch – Beijin-running man 20130908

Female stall stalls were refused to withdraw the "peer" beating her husband was Beijing each other in a scratch – Yandaixiejie vendors stabbing JINGWAH Times News (reporter Wang Yue) friends broke the news yesterday afternoon, 5 pm, Yandaixiejie street near a woman selling clothes stalls for refusing to withdraw stalls, by beating the "peer". Alarm, hit man to escape, in the process of using the tool carried by the scratch female stall husband. Currently, the district police station has been processed. It was playing the owner Liu told reporters that the hit man put stall in the opposite Glutinous rice cakes, came to Yandaixiejie more than a month ago. He usually overbearing man, at the end of August had warned Liu to stall in the street near the. Liu said, the same day the man riding electric car with a woman from her stall over, also told her not to stall here in the future. Liu refused to be beaten by the two men, the woman grabbed me, the man hit me on the head with a fist, then my husband did not let him go, he took out a knife." Friends released a video display, hit man topless, in female stall husband Sir James after the arrival of two people pushing, the man then took out from under the seat cutter. When the passers-by informed the police, the man fled. Later, Mr. Tu said the other murder is about 30 cm long knife, out of nearly 10 cm long wound in his left arm. According to a beverage shop to the vicinity of the staff said, at that time many people watching, "I saw a tall man playing the female vendors, at the door of the shop, some female tourists take mobile phone alarm". A patrol security, said: I passed the crowd had dispersed, the police to the relevant people and goods are taken away." Yesterday afternoon around 4, plant Bridge police station, a staff member said that the matter is being processed.相关的主题文章: