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"Final Fantasy 15" was bad to be refined rice and vegetable roll – "Final Fantasy 15" will be officially on sale this month 29 days. But in the recent launch of the Japanese game demo is frequently broke Bug. But in stark contrast with this is, the game has done unexpectedly fine rice and vegetable roll. But the game player not only satisfied with this, but the official complaint ought to concentrate on doing these small details of little importance. "Final Fantasy 15" in the "rice and vegetable roll" this topic originated in the Cologne game show, the production team said in an interview, in order to higher quality of the game, even the game in food are under a lot of thought, it is said that making such a small "resources with rice and vegetable roll" I like the game summon "Leviathan". Although many people think that this detail is very good, but even if no matter how sophisticated, "rice and vegetable roll" or a game player questioned and dissatisfaction, coupled with the recent demo version of BUG game player complaining "emerge in an endless stream, let the time to do this, it is better to spend more time to clean up the BUG", also thought that the game was delayed so long game player it is available for this reason. "Final Fantasy" in 15 of all food are very realistic "Final Fantasy" in 15 of all food are very realistic users group work as well as friends in the official twitter that "the pursuit of" reduction of rice and vegetable roll this thing "not worthy of praise". He had proposed the "no Pixar show a penny perfect shadow" for example, "when the quality of the desire beyond the bounds of reason, it is to the point of madness, making the team is not too obsessed with fine performance, the appropriate game appearance and smooth game effect is the most important". (source: ZOL editor: unhappy) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: