Fire Daniel Wu Zhang Ruoyun Chang Hsiao Chuan from the ashes of cupola diqua

"Fire" Daniel Wu Zhang Ruoyun Chang Hsiao Chuan, born into Sina entertainment news film "sky fire" recently the latest trends in the film side exposed, launched a "fire rebirth" poster, Daniel Wu [micro-blog], Zhang Ruoyun [micro-blog], Zhang Jingchu [micro-blog], Amber Kuo [micro-blog], Chang Hsiao Chuan [micro-blog] strong together, "fire rebirth" with the fire burning version of the poster as the background, the five stars holding swords, dignified expression is serious, they will still have to wait to charge into the enemy ranks, a move enemy? The answer will be announced on November 25th. "Fire" criminal action blockbuster cupola by the famous director Ringo Lam directed by producer Zhou Qiliang, Daniel Wu, Zhang Jingchu, Amber Kuo, Zhang Ruoyun, starring Chang Hsiao Chuan, the film will be released in November 25th. "The sky fire" collect the strongest fighting force lineup of five creative firepower menacing "story cupola fire" in "the origin of the sky, scientists developed a new drug, to seize the life-saving medicine, Daniel Wu, Zhang Ruoyun, Zhang Jingchu, Amber Kuo and Chang Hsiao Chuan all involved, a anchaoxiongyong, crisis the battle for triggered at any moment. In the film a coaster, shooting, blasting the screen turns staged, five creative fire confrontation, whirling plot. With the new poster exposure has soared, the audience to "fire" the expected value of cupola. In the new "fire rebirth" posters, five creative holding swords against show cool demeanor, Daniel Wu, Zhang Ruoyun, Chang Hsiao Chuan three people ready to different state of charge into the enemy ranks is in ruins behind display skills to the full, and the fire burning, the situation is very critical, the three men of God holding a shotgun, ready to assault fire show tough metrosexual man charm, netizens exclaimed Pumianerlai male hormone". Zhang Jingchu, Amber Kuo is nei, even the face of raging fire, move forward, poised in the good show male director Ringo Lam shot two girls, in no way inferior, under the appearance of weak powerful explosive force. "Fire" of "realistic violence cupola" reputation won the praise of the strongest magic charm "lam into the towering fire" assembled Daniel Wu, Zhang Ruoyun, Chang Hsiao Chuan three, Amber Kuo and Zhang Jingchu cool metrosexual man two charm goddess. The five stars as "regenerative medicine" launched a desperate struggle, they are staged thrilling combat shooting, while also exposing the evil forces step by step sinister, whirling, interlocking plot to make fans hooked. In the previous "sky fire" will meet the media, can collect director Ringo Lam explained not only posing more willing to "hard" with reason, he said: "because I am especially attracted to the handsome male star, they are willing to in my movie, there is the handsome male god in my film, the goddess of nature will be attracted to." Earlier, the movie "fire" in Beijing, into Shanghai, Guangzhou and the three will meet the media gain strongly sought after media friends. "The sky" fire "is a very real movie, true brothers, men and women love action, genuine, real scene, last played really fire, this is the dedication of the LAM)相关的主题文章: