First through the four sides to go eight party Zhengzhou to build China railway overpass –

The first "four" walk "eight party"   "Zhengzhou to build a railway overpass" China — China central enterprises news release authority — the central enterprises, the SASAC, local state-owned enterprises to the latest news, original title: first through the "four" walk "eight party" Zhengzhou to create "iron Road Overpass" China EMU trains through Zhengzhou a high iron hub stereo (September 1st photo). September 10, 2016, Zheng Xu high-speed rail operation, so far, Zhengzhou Double Cross railway hub officially formed. Zhengzhou is a train pulled to the city, Guangzhou, Longhai railway artery two at this intersection, there won "China railway heart" in the world. To enter the high-speed rail era after the 2010 opening of the Zheng Xigao iron, 2012 opening of the Beijing Guangzhou high-speed railway and today the opening of the Zheng Xu high-speed railway, and the composition of the high iron cross hub of the new century Zhengzhou". According to the overall planning of Henan, the future will be formed in Zhengzhou as the center of the meter shaped high-speed rail radiation network. In the near future, sitting in Zhengzhou high-speed rail, not just through the four sides, but to take the eight party". M shaped fast rail network, is a major project of the State Council approved the "planning" and "Central Plains Economic Zone in Zhengzhou airport economic comprehensive experimentation area development planning" clear, in particular in the Beijing Guangzhou and Xu Lan "ten" shaped rapid passenger transport channel on the basis of the construction of high-speed railway from Zhengzhou to Wanzhou, Zhengzhou to Ji’nan, Zhengzhou and Hefei Zhengzhou to Taiyuan. That is to say, the "m" word, the Beijing Guangzhou high-speed rail has been operating for "vertical", has been operating in the Zheng Xigao iron, Zheng Xu high-speed railway "horizontal", have to start building the Zheng Wan (Zhengzhou, Wanzhou, Chongqing), Zheng He (Zhengzhou – Hefei) high-speed rail is "a flick". About to start too (Zhengzhou – Taiyuan) Zheng, Zheng Ji (Zhengzhou – Ji’nan) as "two high iron pen". M shaped high-speed rail network, will further strengthen the status of Zhengzhou as a national railway hub, but also for the economic development of the entire region of Henan strategic layout is important. Xinhua News Agency reporter Ang Lee photo (commissioning editor Li Nanhua and Jiang Qi)相关的主题文章: