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Fitbit Flex 2 Smart Bracelet experience when the two popular activity tracker decorations Fitbit update! Tencent digital news (compile: Guti) Fitbit on the current IFA brings two new sports tracking devices, namely Charge 2 and Flex 2, and more stylish minimalist style, the function is also more abundant. During the IFA foreign media is also the first time these two wearable devices experience, we first look at the experience of Flex 2 to get started. Compared with the previous 2 design Flex Flex smaller, more simple design, the design can be replaced, can be removed from the strap as a separate attachment. Flex 2 design 5 LED lights, and adopts the vertical arrangement way, and this design can adapt to some kind of accessories pendant necklace, and a 20% increase in brightness. Flex 2 is slightly harder than the first generation of Flex, but the overall design is more concise, but also does not affect the comfort of wearing. Flex 2 is very compact, the same as in Charge 2 and Alta are not equipped with a display, and can be further compression on the volume. At the same time in the design of safety, and we also used some different ways before. This sport Bracelet provides four colors, including black, lavender, red and navy blue, silver, and gold, rose gold pendant accessories, but the need to spend extra money to buy. But even if only through the use of the bracelet, but also quite good. Function Flex 2 is one of the biggest highlights of the waterproof features, can be used in swimming. At the same time, the LED lamp can also be used to indicate incoming call and SMS notification. Although not as Alta or Charge 2 to display the content, but can be different colors to identify different notifications from which App. In addition to these new features, Flex is closer to 2 Flex and the first generation of the basic functions, including the measurement distance, the number of steps, Carlucci consumption, movement time and sleep tracking. At the same time, the built-in SmartTrack function can automatically identify different movements, and take time to reach five days, although we can not complete the test on the IFA. First impression Flex 2 is a beautiful and simple sports bracelet, the design is more attractive than Flex. Although the overall style has not changed, but at least not as the first generation of Flex looks so monotonous. By adding some additional features, such as swimming, track and display of intelligent mobile phone waterproof notice, let Flex 2 becomes more and more popular, as well as the personalized needs of replaceable parts can satisfy more users. Source: Pocket-lint boring boring life? Every day, too tired to be hollowed out? The old driver to take you back up again, cool cool new ways to stop, quickly focus on the Tencent WeChat digital Officer (ID:qqdigi) No.相关的主题文章: