Foreign garbage frequently appeared behind the chain of hidden interests of the chain shuyue

"Foreign garbage" frequently appeared lvjinbujue hidden behind the interests of the chain – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Zhengzhou on September 12th news (Henan station reporter Guo Yanan) according to voice of "news" China report said, "foreign garbage", we are not unfamiliar, refers to those who are smuggled into the country after the renovation and sales old clothes and other items. According to media reports, the source of these old clothes is very complex, including landfill, waste treatment plants, and even the hospital morgue. However, with the continuous opening of China’s inland ports, these "foreign garbage" and to find a new entry channel, Sneak mode has been refurbished. There is no doubt that lvjinbujue "foreign garbage" is behind the mercenary criminals. These criminals how to break through the layers of supervision, the foreign garbage shipped from abroad, and how these foreign garbage has become the domestic market of consumer goods, the regulatory authorities in the face of these chaos what measures? The garbage is not just a lot of clothing, electronics accessories is also the hardest hit foreign garbage. In August this year, the Henan entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau postal inspection office at the time of entry mail on-site inspection, continuous intercepted 3 batches sent from Australia, a total of 133 mobile phone broken screen. Post office staff Li Mo introduced, found three boxes sent from Australia in the mail, unpacking inspection found that the electronic mobile phone screen, the screen surface has been completely broken, like the mobile phone screen is prohibited waste was included in the seventy-second list of imported solid wastes, waste communications products, are generally prohibited from entering the country. "Foreign garbage" in the legal name, called "solid waste". Refers to the production of construction, daily life and other activities arising from the pollution of the environment of solid, semi solid waste. Including industrial solid waste, municipal solid waste and hazardous waste, the first in China in the early 90s of last century. Henan entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau of mine department chief Yang Lin introduced, foreign garbage is actually imported solid waste, are divided into two kinds, one is China’s needs, but also can be used as raw materials, this is a formal import. This is in line with the requirements of environmental protection in China’s laws and regulations, as well as some of the garbage, is not allowed to import, if it is entrained garbage, also belong to this range. Without the use of solid waste disposal, in natural conditions, some of the harmful ingredients into the atmosphere, water and soil, material circulation in the ecosystem, some pollutants also in vivo long-term accumulation and enrichment, affect human health through the food chain, thus has the potential for long-term harm and. Henan entry exit inspection and quarantine inspection and Supervision Bureau deputy chief Ren Haipeng said that some organic solid waste in temperature and humidity under suitable microbial decomposition will release harmful gases, if there is no appropriate prevention measures, harmful components after weathering rain forest, the surface runoff will lead to soil acidification and alkalization of soil erosion after if, can cause the pollution of groundwater into the soil. In particular, it contains heavy metals, such as lead, cadmium and mercury. Whether it is clothing or foreign electronic waste,.相关的主题文章: