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Foreign media: global warming or by nearly 250 thousand people died in the original title: foreign media: climate change or by 2030 to 2050, nearly 250 thousand people died in the season average temperature rise could lead to nearly 250 thousand deaths due to malaria, heatstroke and other tropical diseases. (The Associated Press) November 13, according to the Russian news network reported that the average seasonal temperature rise may lead to nearly 250 thousand people died of malaria, heat stroke and other tropical diseases. According to reports, the United Nations Climate Conference plenary meeting of the participants announced this figure. In addition, in the course of the meeting also announced that by 2050, due to traffic action caused by greenhouse gas emissions could be increased from 77 tons to 150 tons. It is reported that the existing EU emission reduction targets will not be sufficient to curb global warming. Therefore, the EU needs to adjust its climate policy in order to be consistent with the provisions of the Paris agreement. Specifically, this means that the need to increase the intensity of emission reduction, and to clarify the financing issues related to climate change. In November 7th, the "United Nations Framework Convention on climate change," twenty-second conference of the parties (the Marrakech climate change conference) opened in Morocco Marrakech, this is the "Paris agreement" came into effect after the first United Nations climate change conference. In November 11th, in Morocco, Marrakech, during the United Nations climate conference in Marrakech, representatives of indigenous residents held a march to call for more attention to indigenous people in the global climate crisis. Editor: the flourishing SN123相关的主题文章: