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Foreign media headlines: Vancouver real estate bubble risk the largest U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants CNBC Vancouver was rated the world’s largest city at the risk of real estate bubble Tuesday released 2016 global real estate bubble index shows that Vancouver has become the largest city in the global real estate bubble risk last year, ranking from fourth to first. Followed by London and the Swedish capital Stockholm. Hongkong shot down from second last year to sixth, mainland China is not within the scope of UBS research. UBS said that since 2011, the city’s average price of foam risk areas rose nearly 50%. "In the past two years, Vancouver’s property market has been out of control because of strong demand from foreign investors and loose monetary policy," he said. Currently, Vancouver’s housing prices seem to have deviated from the economic fundamentals, and has entered the bubble risk areas." Goldman is expected to cut oil prices due to oversupply exacerbated Goldman on Tuesday will be the fourth quarter of this year the average price of crude oil is expected to decline from $50 to $43 a barrel, the excess supply situation said the four quarter will be more severe than previously expected. Goldman said in the report: "in view of the three quarter output growth unexpectedly, and to increase the supply of new projects before the end of the situation is more clear, we expect the fourth quarter of the global supply of excess capacity will reach 400 thousand barrels a day, rather than the previously expected 300 thousand barrels a day." The Wall Street Journal Chinese super rich lead the growth in global wealth report released by Wealth-X, 2015 China ultra high net worth population (net assets of more than $30 million) accumulated new wealth of $175 billion, an increase of 10%. Global super high net worth population to create the total wealth, China accounted for nearly 3/4. China has about 12 thousand ultra high net worth individuals with more than $1 trillion and 700 billion in wealth. However, over the past four years, the number of China’s ultra high net worth population grew by only $5%, well below the U.S. $20%. Wealth-X research analyst Benjamin Kinnard said that this reflects the difficulty in establishing a new enterprise in china. In the business level, China global ranked eighty-fourth. Wanda purchased the Golden Globe Awards production company, according to informed sources, control of Wanda Group are under negotiation in the Golden Globes and the American music awards ceremony of the production company Dick Clark Productions, bid $1 billion. If a deal is reached, the Dick Clark Productions will become the Wang Jianlin empire in the latest one, before he had acquired the second yard line AMC and legendary pictures. The British "Financial Times" to deal with the Saudi cuts in public sector wages low oil prices, Saudi Arabia on Monday issued a series of decrees, slashed government departments staff bonus and welfare, in order to deal with the oil prices continued to slump caused by financial difficulties. This is the first time in more than 10 years, Saudi Arabia, a substantial reduction in civil service benefits, highlighting the seriousness of the country’s financial crisis. 2/3 of office workers in Saudi Arabia in politics, 9相关的主题文章: