Friends died Taiwan home drug overdose man dare not alarm Beijing – burning Dutch

Friends died Taiwan home drug overdose man dare alarm Beijing – charcoal Dutch act in new network on 26 September, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that ye in Taiwan and had two men were found dead in the city of Kaohsiung in a rented apartment suite. The police visited the family, suspected drug case because he had a friend surnamed ye in the rented injection drug overdose deaths, not the police, in the room for a life Dutch act charcoaling. Police said the 52 year old man surnamed Ye rent an apartment in the New District of Kaohsiung City, the day before yesterday (24) afternoon to smell the odor residence view, knock the door leaves no one answered the door, open the door he saw a strange man surnamed ye and Chen Shi bed. The police found the dead is a 53 year old man surnamed zeng. The police investigation found that leaves the room, named the man beside the bed needle tube, a burning drum, and the gap of the door and window taped stick, surnamed ye also left a suicide note to her daughter. Prosecutors and police found that two men died at least 3 days. The police was informed that 21 man surnamed ye went to her daughter, a friend mentioned in his coma place, coma arm is in a needle tube, he was drug case is still in court, but was afraid to ask for help after the police investigating; when he asked him to call an ambulance to her friend in hospital, he left after no more contact with her daughter, until the day before yesterday afternoon the landlord found two people dead. The police suspect surnamed ye by friends and their injection drug overdose, severe liver disease, back to the rental office, leaving a suicide note but two people do commit Dutch act; the cause of death, to date the reinspection.相关的主题文章: