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From the beginning of a pair of feet with the story of the interpretation of the women with the time to practice out of the stunning – Sohu is never perfect, the more amazing moment the longer the hard work. M.C. presents images of this group of feet, from Peking Opera actors, ballet dancers, T models, soccer goalkeepers and children. From the beginning of a pair of story feet to see how women are blooming in every moment! Photography editor Fan Shumiao Xu Lu wrote other Yin Chao Lu Yaoyao (EBI super small makeup makeup shop), come on, Li Yanhong assistant Fashion Editor Assistant Ma Lan Binbin 18 years experience Beijing opera young actor "one day of practice you know, two days of practice the teacher know that three days of practice the audience can see." Chen Yu "who" years in costume, scarlet white tail "silver fox" out of the dressing room. Only Chen Yu’s feet into a small, narrow heel, tight, firm, leisurely turn, people wonder. Chen Yu grew up practicing under the tutelage of Wu, a famous Beijing Opera artist Pei Yanling. At the age of 16, her head is not high, the teacher Pei Yanling joked, "you step on stilts, you see you this." Behind the joke, Chen Yu, understand the meaning of teacher – rocker reactive traditional things, don’t let it out. She took Pei Yanling back from Taiwan a double stilts, then open a door, but the old shiny door. In the opera, "rocker" shoes with hard and soft rocker stilt, foot pedal on the wooden "feet", rely on the front foot, heel dangling. The past troupe in the dresser, men once stepped on stilts, imitating the three inch woman Suibu, Zongyue,. Handed down, "who work" into practice skills, both men and women, mostly to show the role of Dan smart, charming and graceful. The performance also hit drama on stilts, more upright posture, turn faster. After the founding of the "who" was abolished, now it is rare for a new generation of actors back to work, Chen Yu is one of the outstanding one. First practice station, vertical 10cm high brick, a station and a half hours, take off the shoes and feet hurt. Stand firm, then walk, jump, run. Also play, the most difficult to walk on stilts, playing, flutter and fall over. Beautiful and smooth performance behind, is the long-term pain and patience. It is common practice nail, foot thumb root soon catch up with the ankle size. "Hard only oneself know." Chen Yu said, "but there is a performance, especially on hearing the audience to" meet ", people feel very excited, the whole scene is different." 9 years experience ignorant girl models do not wear high-heeled shoes, never mind, slowly. When you take time for in front of the camera, you really confident. Li Danni falls is a model of the required course, this line has a common saying – a pair of high-heeled shoes can go the world." The Li Danni girl is tall, wearing only shoes from to wear high-heeled shoes, this is an introductory course model. 10cm high stiletto heels, at any time can be worn badly mutilated feet. Pain is pain, but also step by step practice. To ensure that you can walk, to ensure that the body of the United States, and finally in front of the camera eyes, to action, the use of body language to express the相关的主题文章: