Fu Yuanhui beat Zhang Xue seckill! Niu Junfeng coming into piece emperor – Entertainment Sohu-mkdv-02

Fu Yuanhui beat Zhang Xue seckill! Niu Junfeng coming into "piece emperor" – Sohu Junfeng entertainment cattle coming into the piece Emperor Entertainment Sohu according to Gu diffuse novel of the same name "opera version smiled very little" is Jiangsu, Oriental TV hit, "crying scene show performing skill small meat old play bone" Niu Junfeng a few games, acting increasingly mature, as "foolish old man" in Banshan funny funny nature is as in the past, after the episode of the accident to the hand piece identity line, the indiscriminate use of idioms should make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks, a male version of "swallow", for the audience to bring endless joy, has been hailed as the new "piece emperor jin". Xiao Nai and Tony was finally established a relationship, "Yu Banshan" cattle Junfeng a laugh provoking hilarious: "the end of the end, third staining show loving habits, after this day how ah?!" He is when the homely food Wangpo saying: "we this acting, I not yards, must be mixed in showbiz!" For the top students in computer science, the indiscriminate use of idioms is It is often seen., bawanggengshanggong yishenxiangxu, advance secretly by an unknown path, he is a wrong or make only superficial changes or context…… Even the Niu Junfeng invented a pet phrase "my one", which is now in the widespread, has become a popular trend in the year. Users can not help address him: "cow classmates the hand piece attribute minute body, absolutely beat Fu Yuanhui seckill Nan Xue Bei Zhang, this is the new emperor piece rhythm wow!"   相关的主题文章: