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Gang force to eat the first experience – Xiamen double LAN Zhai ancient green bean cake handmade Tour – Sohu food and drink by a friend recommended, accidentally discovered a very interesting app – gang food". In the gang food platform, you can see a variety of local registered users to publish a variety of wonderful experience activities, such as the United States Food Kam, handmade, cultural sharing, every good heart. To see the production of double green bean cake cake, it did not hesitate to sign up. Because of the double LAN Zhai but the old shop in Xiamen cake, I like their family’s green bean cake. Since their home to eat green bean cake, other green bean cake became a cloud ~ now actually only take a piece of money, will be able to experience Handmade and pastries taste, then about best friends sign up for the weekend activities. An invigorating autumn climate afternoon, we gathered in the double yilanzhai. A meeting, a pastry chef will enthusiastically took all kinds of cakes to our taste, we also made tea, this cola bad our "chowhound". We eat, the teacher introduced the production process. Then we started to make [clean] experience: you first wash your hands, put on hats, masks and gloves, to ensure production process clean and tidy. [production] 1, peeled mung bean cake is the first step in the production of mung bean peel. Double orchid selection full of green beans, in the degree of warm water for 6-8 hours, and then manually selected, peeled, to ensure the quality of raw materials mung bean cake. 2, steamed on the steamer steamed peeled mung bean. 3, grinding will be steamed mung bean in the mesh milling filtration, this step can make out the green bean cake becomes more delicate. 4, fried will be milled mung bean, broken sugar powder mixed in certain proportion, and then use olive oil frying. Love this formula, feeling very refreshing and healthy ~ [] after making fried iced green bean cake, the raw material is basically completed, but also need this a step oh. Iced mung bean mud can be used plastic ~ [] to find their own love shaping mould with mung bean mud compaction good, delicious green bean cake is complete! Remember a little in the mold brush with olive oil, it is more convenient to release ~ green bean cake, chilled food better! [Bing Bing] taste fresh and cool, cool green bean cake, clearing away heat and delicious, you can go to love ~ finish can’t wait to taste the fruits of your labor! We ate to sigh: to do a few hours of cake, eat bread two minutes. This trip down, really feel like a green bean cake is not easy! As a cake shop in Xiamen and the old shop, adhere to the pure manual, no added practice, no wonder the taste so good! We can not help but thumbs up ~ finally stores also shared with us Xiamen special edition of the green bean cake, good water! A box of green bean cake, the price is two yuan, as a souvenir is really a good choice to end, pastrycook also let us nothing over tea chat, really cute ~ the double yilanzhai ancient green bean cake cake相关的主题文章: