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Gannan navel orange: get on the Internet turned "shake Qian Shu" – Sohu news news (News Network): to the autumn scenery, it is now the focus of Gannan navel orange picking season, with the help of Internet, people become masters of Gannan tree shaking Qian Shu. This year, and there will be a large number of people go out of poverty to get rich. Just past the double "eleven", Jiangxi Orange County of Xinfeng province sales business is busy busy. Since countries implement precise poverty alleviation policy, increase the electricity supplier personnel training efforts, over the past year, Xinfeng county has trained more than 9000 business operators, the training of personnel involved in almost every village in Xinfeng county. Online sales, also contributed to the prosperity of the market under the line, the two day will belong to the Ganzhou City Association Xie Jia Fang Cun, Ningdu county farmer Wen Qiusheng is awfully busy, to come to his home orchard reservation of Gannan navel orange dealers in a continuous line, prices are rising. Wen Qiusheng is a typical poor family in the village, a sick wife and two children at the university. The 2012 planted 10 acres of navel orange in the government’s assistance, according to the current situation, his family’s navel orange can sell 80 thousand pieces, remove the poor hat from a step closer. According to statistics, in 2015 the city of Ganzhou Gannan navel orange planting area reached 1 million 570 thousand mu orange industrial clusters to achieve total output value of 10 billion 500 million yuan, solve the rural labor employment 1 million. In addition to planting, a large number of immature technology has the ability to work but poor households by workers, land rent, land shares and cooperative enterprises to participate in a variety of ways to poverty alleviation in navel orange industry. 2013, Ganzhou city held the innovation of Gannan navel orange network Expo, in the mainstream domestic authoritative website and well-known e-commerce site for a wide range of publicity. Now, through the line of two channels, not only into the Gannan navel orange all domestic city market, but also exported to Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Russia and other more than and 20 countries and regions. At present, there are already about 300000 poor people out of poverty through navel orange industry.相关的主题文章: