Give me a dirty, I can also show than Madou fashion (video)

Give me a dirty, I can also show than Madou fashionable small field meow micro signal: txm808 talk to the fashion week, New York, London, Milan, are in fact before the dishes, dishes all in Paris waiting, but there are a few worth a look, for example, has always been the makeup hair does not go several brands of unusual way, this small series aimed at the MARC JACOBS. Really no makeup hair let Xiaobian feel boring, the designers to models have got brightly coloured dreadlocks, at first glance and small concept dreadlocks have not a small gap, or to small bright spots feeling: African girl this time is really dirty, hair up, come onlookers that may be a lot of people are dirty is a brain supplement to this picture: MARC JACOBS looks is brightly coloured dreadlocks fun. See here Xiaobian believe that some people will attack small series of aesthetic! Some people say it’s like a piece of colored meat bugs! But Xiao Bian is so down these big bug felt a small dirty braid fashion open! Before this small talk dirty braid, small meow can give you a simple literacy what is dirty: in fact is early African people to prevent the dirty wanton growth on the head of the insects in the summer than a mop of curly hair to cool a lot. But this hairstyle is also deeply influenced by the seaman’s delight, for you the most familiar is the dirty hair should be: "a good gentleman" dread inside Guan Xiaotong is impressive. Faye Wong also tried dirty hair, feeling quite a range of children. My mother played the daughter to feel, when Jingtong sinus long hair styling experience is dirty. But these dirty style to tell the truth, if you have no feelings of reggae music, or the culture of Jamaica is not interested in words is indeed difficult to accept, as well as small, small to see the other know well? This feels like dirty in a stream! Another figure, short oil oh good! Then take a hair band, it looks like there is no alternative, but it is very good-looking. The love go Bohemia wind FREE PEOPLE also launched the fake dirty braid, you can directly tied to the hair. (don’t know FREE PEOPLE this brand to Baidu, clothes super folk style) and of course you can own their own DIY, the difficulty is high, to find out the person to braid it, is said to have compiled a good braids and average price of more than 1000 yuan, according to the thickness of the braid need to 3~10, ranging from small, cleaning it is not open, but you need a special shampoo to wash dirty. So Xiaobian or buy fake dirty bargain. And want to dismantle the demolition, more freedom. Don’t want too exaggerated to like his hair and dirty braid together, looks like to add several hair hair, quite a feeling. If your hair is so small, there are a few dirty and increase the amount of hair effect. Only a dirty look especially boring right, there are a variety of small accessories such dreadlocks, compiling style, and strong folk style…… And the metal, don’t go to the dirty…相关的主题文章: