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God entertainment 4 billion 400 million acquisition will be suspended after the approval of   due to the commitment can not be honored? People’s online game original title: God entertainment 4 billion 400 million acquisition will be suspended due to the approval of the commitment can not be honored? God entertainment announced the termination of the acquisition of 4 billion 400 million yuan of assets will be subject to approval, because the acquisition of the target is expected to be unable to complete the performance of the original program commitments, need to be lowered. God entertainment in the afternoon on October 12th issued on the China Securities Regulatory Commission to suspend the suspension of a major asset restructuring announcement, announced that it has applied to the China Securities Regulatory Commission to suspend the review of the company’s major asset restructuring. At this time from its application has been submitted over the past 3 months. The reason for the suspension of the review, said one of the entertainment gods, the acquisition of the subject, fantasy Wyatt tour, the overseas game promotion strategy and new product details made some adjustments, resulting in new product is the subject of part of the company’s on-line time is delayed, the original forecast results will be delayed, the company intends to gain the corresponding standard forecast make adjustments. The suspension of the review, the gods entertainment said, intends to travel according to the situation and fantasy Wyatt benchmarking new profit forecast asset to asset valuation, asset price, and to be involved in this restructuring plan according to the results of the new assessment standard commitments net profit and performance compensation commitments in terms of the corresponding adjustment. Fantasy pleasure trips is 4 billion 418 million yuan acquisition of assets in the entertainment gods released earlier in June the biggest asset. According to the plan, the gods entertainment intends to issue shares and to pay cash to buy 93.5417% stake, Wyatt fantasy tour co run media 96.36% of the shares, of which the former price of 3 billion 676 million yuan, the price of 742 million yuan, the total transaction price of 4 billion 418 million yuan. God entertainment also intends to raise additional funds to support 2 billion 560 million yuan of funds for the payment of cash consideration of the transaction, transaction costs, investment in film and television content production projects. Wyatt tour reorganization case for fantasy 100% equity valuation 3 billion 930 million 42 thousand and 200 yuan, value-added amounted to 3 billion 189 million 584 thousand and 300 yuan, value-added rate of 430.76%. According to the scheme of performance commitments, 2016, and 2017 Wyatt fantasy tour 2018 audited net profit after deducting non recurring gains and losses after not less than 269 million yuan, 349 million 700 thousand yuan, 437 million 125 thousand yuan, three years a total of not less than 1 billion 55 million 825 thousand yuan. But fantasy Wyatt tour in 2015, only a net profit of 78 million 430 thousand yuan in 2014, $56 million 860 thousand. Operating income for the same period were 362 million yuan, 330 million yuan, operating profit of $78 million 980 thousand, $57 million 320 thousand. Fantasy tour Wyatt was founded in 2011, the registered capital of 1 million 200 thousand yuan, mainly engaged in online games overseas distribution operations and mobile Internet advertising, distribution and operations of the game include "Divine Comedy", "goddess Alliance (grab in the new service)," "to", "anger", "life and death" sniper fire, "Arthur king", "Divine Comedy", "classic battleship Empire" etc.. God entertainment originally intended through the restructuring, with the help of magic相关的主题文章: