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God Tucao: spicy eyes! The aunt and his daughter married the Sohu news on Monday and don’t want to go to work is human nature, but that this week is only three days, he was full of the force. Well, it’s not the alarm clock that wakes me up every day, it’s not the ideal…… We are going to have a holiday soon.   it’s really inspiring. [new world’s richest man, 40 years old or a poor tailor] according to the latest reports, Bill Gates had just lost the throne of the world’s richest man, is now the richest man on earth is the founder of a tailor – ZARA brand, the 80 year old Oman Theo Ortega. Ortega was born in a poor family, 13 year old dropped out of school to the store as an apprentice for odd jobs, until the age of 40 was a poor tailor, an enterprise to cancel their a large order, so that he was on the verge of bankruptcy, and then he had created the ZARA, went on the grass root road to counter attack.   this story tells us that everyone can become the world’s richest man, at any time to start working is not too late. At the age of 60 Huang Zhong began to follow Liu Bei, at the age of 70 Leyasu Tokugawa began to venture, jiangtaigong 80 years old are still looking for a job, at the age of more than 1 thousand Sun Wukong began to do the project…… So, as a 80, I am still young, until the age of forty or fifty and then try to fight it, anyway, retired far away…… God knows how many years later the retirement age will be delayed?   tell the truth, in the end what is the force that can make a person determined to start making money? A friend said he now has no hope of love, he just want to get rich. I think, say this friend is too young, if good luck, and their requirements are not so high, love still have a chance, after all, love only one person blind can, to get rich, but need a lot of blind eye, it was too hard.   made of the world, the richest man in water. Who is the richest man in the world, with the relationship between eating melon is not large, anyway, I can not affect the position on the rich list. However, the rent is always back up, in the end is a few mean? Landlords want to be the richest man in the world?   [national housing prices rose for the seven consecutive month] although in accordance with past practice, with graduation, employment season draws to a close, the main city housing market will gradually return to calm, but in view of the sale of the property market is still active and the lack of effective control measures, rent or become new unstable factors in the future price basket. National Bureau of Statistics latest data show that the price of rent has risen for 7 consecutive months, in August the chain rose to maintain a high level of 0.4%.   distressed those who sold the house to start a business. Friends are still working hard, I wish you to buy a house as soon as possible.   crying cry to the property market inventory, but the premium is still up. National land prices rose more than 40% in August, the Economic Information Daily reported that in August the average land price of the city’s land market turnover in the 302 cities rose sharply to $1591 to $46% square meters. From the same year, the first tier cities have shown a doubling of land prices. The researchers point out that for many months相关的主题文章: