Golden Week outbound travel how to avoid high calls as far as possible with the exit wifi–

Golden Week outbound travel how to avoid the high cost as far as possible with the exit of the WiFi- in the northern Tianjin Reuters: Eleven golden week is coming, many people choose to leave the country. International roaming calls and traffic costs higher, how to avoid the high cost of mobile phones? Call off the automatic response function of the city, the relevant person in charge said that the user can use the phone to contact the family with a good faith, you can save a lot of international roaming call charges. The Mid Autumn Festival this year on the same day, easecredit international roaming phone data within the group and when people call long swells, the day of the international roaming call higher than usual volume rose nearly 35%. Insiders also reminded, most operators generally called user response or equipment (such as voice mail, fax machines, etc.) instead of answering billing as starting point, called no response, not in the service area or called busy general billing. Therefore, the user to travel abroad, similar to the automatic response, telephone recording function should be used as little as possible, so as to avoid unnecessary billing. Try to use the exit flow WiFi to remind the industry, exit to use mobile phone access to the Internet to be extra careful, intelligent mobile phone users should completely shut down the data roaming function, because part of the intelligent mobile phone boot automatically online, the application will automatically update, is bound to have traffic charges. Insiders suggested that users can use the outbound WiFi Internet, can save a lot of roaming traffic charges. With the way tourism released "2016 National Day golden week domestic residents tourism consumption trends report" shows that bookings up this year’s National Day Golden Week outbound WiFi nearly doubled, the reservation ratio reached 39.4%, the per capita consumption of 18.8 yuan, compared to the same period last year fell 2 yuan. Remind these telephone messages do not believe the concern is that during the National Day golden week, in addition to avoid price outbound communication fee, also need to guard against all kinds of ticket fraud especially ticket refund fraud change. People receive similar flight cancellations, flight changes, ticket refund check change and message content, first through the airline customer service phone, customer service calls and other channels to verify the airport; second, the airline will not need to change back ticket business through the ATM machine operation, such words will be fraud; third, the "bank card" activation "English interface operation" and "two-way transfer certification" are fraud terminology, encounter such words, are all scams. (North network editor Qu Lulin)相关的主题文章: